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When you need to learn how to learn the Law, contact Team Law; we can help you learn it firsthand from its source.

Joyce Riley, of The Power Hour radio program, asked our Trustee:
“What do you want to accomplish?”
We pass that question to you; and, answer it as follows: 

We want to restore our nation, to that end, Team Law helps people learn how to learn the law firsthand from its source.  We believe these three things are the most important actions a free man/woman must take:

  1. Learn the Law;
  2. Learn how to apply the Law (to save our republic); and,
  3. Apply the Law (to: hold our public servants accountable, restore and maintain our Constitutional Republic).

The Law is much easier to learn and apply than certain lawyers, politicians and tyrants want us to believe.  The Law exists to secure the rights of life, liberty and property as endowed us by our Creator.  As we learn how to learn and apply the law, we begin to catch a vision of the truth and we can see how the proper application of the law can save our Constitutional Republic.

On, September 18, 1787, at the close of the meeting in Philadelphia where the “Constitution for the United States of America” was just signed by its framers, Benjamin Franklin emerged from the building; and, Mrs. Powell directly asked him, “Well, Doctor, what have we got?  A republic or a monarchy?”  Mr. Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”
His response has never been more important than today—because, the plain truth is: to “keep it” we must:

1: Learn the Law

That is exactly why Team Law was formed, to help people easily learn how to learn the law; and, how to properly apply the law to save our Constitutional Republic.  To that end, we do everything we do.  Team Law has proven that learning the law is way easier than most people think it is.  Nonetheless, it is impossible to apply the law if you don’t know the law.  Respectively, when it comes to learning how to learn the law, Team Law is the best place to start.

2: Learn how to apply the Law

On creation, God gave man dominion, agency and possession (the three elemental components that define sovereignty).  Then He gave us a command to 'be fruitful, multiply replenish and subdue' (see: Genesis 1:28)  That is recognized as the original foundation of the authority under which the people form governments; it also provides that the people are responsible to control (subdue) that which they so form.  Given that all authority in government so comes from God, through the people, and that we remain responsible to Him to make sure the governments we so form remain controlled by the constitutions and laws under which we so form them, would that not be impossible for us if we don’t know the law and/or how to apply the law.  The Standard for Review is a means through which anyone can learn to understand any relationship; and, through that understanding, learn how to apply the relevant law, which is necessary to preserve our Republic.  As the people learn that through the God given authority they possess, they are the source of all authority in law that the government possesses; respectively the people retain the lawful authority to timely challenge any official that acts outside the bounds of that authority.  Wherefore, the people can easily learn how to lawfully and peacefully apply the Law of the land to save our nation.

3: Apply the Law

Once people learn how to lawfully apply the law, they apply it by holding governmental officials accountable to the limitations of authority granted to them by the people.  By so holding those officials accountable we can restore and maintain our Constitutional Republic.  That’s why Team Law supports the Call to Action movement.  Through that movement, we help people, like you, gain easy access to learning and applying the law—anyone of competent age can do it.  Thus, when an officer of government oversteps the limited authority the people granted them through the Constitution, the people can simply remove them from office by applying the law.

Though the Call to Action is incredibly effective, there are many powerful ways for the people to learn to apply the law.  Team Law’s Standard for Review opens the door to discovering the true nature of all of your relationships; many of which may surprise you.  You can easily learn how to secure those relationships through the proper application of the law.

So, we ask you: “What would you like to accomplish?”

Team Law has a complete action plan based on people learning how to learn and apply the law to restore our Constitutional Republic, which plan assures “We the People” can save the nation (keep it) and prosper in peace.  Team Law’s plan starts here:

  1. Learn the Law—via Team Law and its resources;
  2. Learn how to apply the Law— to determine how you will use the law to save our Republic; and,
  3. Apply the Law—to hold public servants accountable and Reseat America! original jurisdiction government.

Again, these three things are the most important actions a free man/woman can take; respectively, we welcome your support and hope you will spread the word to your friends (Twitter Logo Facebook Logo).

P.S. – FYI: The red, white and blue Team Law logo at the top of the page, both on this site and our Open Forum, will toggle the page between Team Law’s home page and our Open Forum.  You are welcome to join us on our Open Forum.

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