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CoViD-19 — The Law Suits Begin! 

The “Co” is for: “Corona” (from Ancient Greek, meaning crown or halo); the “Vi” is for: “Virus”; the “D” is for: “Disease”; and, “19” is the year of the viral outbreak “December 2019”—thus: CoViD-19.  This is the common name WHO gave the SARS-CoV-2 virus on: February 11, 2020, when they deemed it a global pandemic.

In the above image of a corona-virus (actually only 1.2 μm in diameter, that's 1/1000 of the thickness of a hair), the little red polyps are the contact points where the virus connects with its host.  The gray shell is the lipid capsule that holds the viral RNA inside its shell.  That shell is extremely susceptible to soap and water combined with friction.  Once the shell is broken, the virus can no longer function.  You win!  So, with regularity, vigorously wash your hands with soap and water.

We posted a message on Twitter that we hope everyone will follow to read the recent medical journal reports, etc. that show wearing masks can increase your risk of contracting CoViD-19.  The evidence is in, wearing face masks can be dangerous to your health; thus, when Governors, County officials, etc mandate wearing of masks, those mandates not only violate your God given right to agency, but your constitutionally secured right to govern yourself.  So, do the requisite study of the facts (linked to the Twitter page).

Click this Link to watch Dr. Simone Gold's passionate plea
an informative America's Front-line Doctors' video.

Here is a link to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich's website; which includes Day-One Opening Statements:

This video is also available available at: Bitchute_Grand-Jury_Day One.

According to the CDC the epidemic in the U.S. ended near the end of June, 2020.

Also, it’s become quite obvious, the hospitals reporting CoViD-19 related deaths aren’t merely reporting deaths caused by the virus; rather, CDC has now admitted that over 95% of the reported deaths were not caused by CoViD-19 but were deaths due to other causes like: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, car accidents, etc.  Of course, they still say the people that died from other causes may have coincidentally tested positive, allegedly for CoViD-19; respectively those deaths should not have been listed as death by the virus.  From the number reported, all but 99% of the United States’ population that contracted the disease are now free from it.  Even so, considering all of those deaths the population wide death rate from CoViD-19 in the U.S. is <.004%; and, the confirmed case death rate is less than .3%.

Thus, this disease is not a risk to people that would justify the ERC protocols to protect the manufacturers from releasing unproven drugs as "vaccines"; except for the political power plays being used to to take away your rights and reduce the population.  CoViD-19 was simply used as a tool by those opposed to President Trump's re-election.  Expected effect: political power players will use fake news to play CoViD and its so called vaccines of as a new religion.

Medical doctors, health care workers, embalmers and attorneys are now telling their stories that show they were never given a treatment protocol for treating CoViD-19; so, many of them followed President Trump’s public address of what they were doing with success.  In Korea—and elsewhere— patients treated with hydroxycloroquine and a mild antibiotic and had very good recovery results.  The same is true for Ivermectin treatments as well as treatment using vitamins C, D, E, and Zink.  So, when U.S. doctors followed those protocols and had patients recovering within a few days, they published their results.  Even the CDC and FDA are now recognizing such treatments are viable.

Still, the Democrat controlled media pundits are focusing on the blame game.  As the nation starts to recover, it's easy to point fingers at: what could have been, what was actually needed and who to blame.  However, remember what was going on as this all began; and, don't fall for the fake news spin.  This is the time to remain consistent in doing the things that have turned the so called "pandemic" around and made it controllable.  If there was any fault in anyone, this is not the time to blame anyone.  ‘Vengeance is mine, thus sayeth the Lord.’  For us it is better to forgive and forget; while doing all we can to improve what we can and help where we are able.  By saying that, we are not implying that court cases should not be filed to recover damages.  We are saying the need for learning the law and applying it are more important than ever before.  Go to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich's website; Watch the Grand-Jury proceedings as they are posted there and use the information so presented to compel your District Attorney and State & Federal Attorneys General to call for Grand Jury indictments to hold those that conspired to use such weapons of mass destruction on the people.  Thus, let the criminal trials begin!

Thank you, to all of you who do your part to care for those in need and those helping to stop this pandemic—may God bless you all!
There’s a lot of negative media going around regarding the cause, responsibility for and who to blame to get remedy for this pandemic; most of which is caused or fueled by media spin (fake news).  Respectively, avoid getting caught up in the aftermath of that spin—its viral spread and effect is worse than the CoViD-19 virus itself.  For more information: Listen to Monday’s Conference Call!!!
Keeping in mind that faith without works is dead, I believe prayer is the most important thing we can do!  At times like these, turning to our Creator just makes sense.

Watch for updates on Team Law’s Conference Calls.

How It Spreads:

  1. Person-to-person—CoViD-19 is thought to spread most commonly from personal contact as follows:
    • An uninfected person gets close to (within 3') an infected person.
    • The infected person coughs or sneezes, sending the virus into the air.
    • The virus is either inhaled or lands on the face, hands, clothes of the uninfected person and is moved by that person's mouth, nose or eyes by their hands; thus, infecting them.
  2. Though this is highly unlikely—Surface-to-person:
    • When an infected person coughs, sneezes or otherwise distributes the viral germs into the air or onto a physical surface the virus can survive for a short period of time outside of the host.
    • Thus, you can contract the virus by touching a surface where active viral germs exist; like:
      • a doorknob, cellphone, food, packaging, counter-tops, etc.
    • After so coming in contact with the virus, you then touch your mouth, nose or eyes; and, you may contract the virus too.

Its Symptoms:

CoViD-19 is: “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome–Corona-virus–2” (SARS-CoV-2); therefore, as you may imagine, its deadly symptom is severe respiratory illness; which can be fatal in some people.
Look for these new symptoms and compare them to how you normally feel:

CoViD-19 Symptoms
Common Sometimes Rare
fever headache runny nose
dry cough sore throat  
shortness of breath fatigue  

If you have CoViD-19 Symptoms:

  1. You may call your doctor right away and tell them you have symptoms of CoViD-19
    • If you do, follow their instructions, unless they make no sense to you.
    • Tell them if you are an at risk patient.  “At risk patients” are those that are people over 60, or that have existing conditions like respiratory, heart or kidney problems.
    • You may be directed to a CoViD-19 testing center.
    • Better still, have a supply of Hydroxychloroquine on hand and use it to treat the symptoms
  2. Stay home!  Unless instructed otherwise by your doctor, the hospital or your specialist (caring for at risk patients),
    • You want to avoid coming in contact with others and spreading the disease.


    According to Harvard Epidemiology Dept. there are likely 50 as yet asymptomatic carriers of CoViD-19 for every reported active case; therefore,
   “Everyone should assume that anyone can have CoViD-19, and anyone could unintentionally infect others.”

Wash hands and avoid touching your nose, mouth or eyes with your hands.
    All corona-viruses have an outer shell surrounding the viral RNA enclosed within that shell.
    That’s why vigorously washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with almost any soap & water will destroy the virus.
    Vigorously washing your hands with soap & water destroys the outer shell so the virus is destroyed.

Keep surface areas clean.
    Keep your household clean and disinfected.

Under epidemic conditions "Self-quarantine".

When you go out:
    Even under State ordered quarantine curfews, people still need supplies like food, medicine, etc. 
    That’s why runs to get such supplies when necessary are usually allowed even with said curfew. 
    Also, some people work in support jobs that necessitate being out where they may come in contact with the virus; therefore,

Keep your distance:
    Because the virus ( for the most part) drops to the ground within about three feet, stay at least six feet away from other people.
    To keep my hands clean, I like to wear surgical gloves to handle things in stores, etc; and,
    I use sterile technique, as follows:

Though, wearing masks can actually increase your risk of catching a disease (see: Medical Journal), If you choose to wear a mask, be wise and be forewarned, the CDC says:

“We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility.”

People have started to sue counties and government officials that have instituted manditory mask orders; see: ZACHARY DAMATO & LUCY TUREK vs. PINELLAS COUNTY, Case #: 20-003388-CI (7/17/2020).

Since I was a child, I was always taught to carry a neckerchief; for politeness to others, I use it to cough or sneeze into.
When I get home, I untie the bandanna, put it in the wash and replace a fresh on in my pocket.
Surgical masks are made with charged particle fibers, thus they have magnetic properties to airborne droplets; so, they are allegedly more effective than cloth masks; still, they can't stop a virus;
Remember, masks, scarves, neckerchiefs etc. are unlikely to work and can increase your risk (if you don't have the disease) of catching a disease.

The US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams warned that you actually might increase your risk of infection if facemasks are worn:

“You can increase your risk of getting it by wearing a mask”  During an interview on Fox & Friends, he said: “Folks who don't know how to wear them properly tend to touch their faces a lot and actually can increase the spread of coronavirus, … We're certainly seeing more spread in communities. … There are things people can do to stay safe. There are things they shouldn't be doing and one of the things they shouldn't be doing in the general public is going out and buying masks,”  The next day, Adams posted on Twitter that people should stop buying masks. Rather, he tweeted that to keep yourself and those around you healthy, wash your hands often, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands and disinfect surfaces.  Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS!  They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching,”

Visualization: Breathing w&w/o mask
From this image you can see masks simply diffuse and slow down breath velocity.  They don't stop viruses from spreading.

If you have to go out while you are sick:
    Some say: “Wear a U.S. certified N95 Respirator.”
    However, according to scientific studies one of which is published at: Wiley's Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, though N95 respirators are effective against bacterial growth, they are not effective against viruses:

“The use of N95 respirators compared with surgical masks is not associated with a lower risk of laboratory-confirmed influenza. It suggests that N95 respirators should not be recommended for general public and nonhigh-risk medical staff those are not in close contact with influenza patients or suspected patients.”

    Further, those that wear such masks often complain of headaches and can reduce blood oxygenation by 20% and increase CO2 in blood by similar amounts.  Accordingly, if your blood oxygenation is already at 90% or lower, this can present a significant health risk even greater than the risk of the virus.
    Nonetheless, if you decided you want to use such masks know that they are one time use masks and, like all masks, they must be worn correctly (sealed to the face on all edges with no gaps), it must completely cover/enclose the nose and mouth, the surface of the mask is not to be touched while wearing the mask and after use, the mask must be removed using sanitary technique—preferably wearing surgical cloves then thrown away in the outside trash along with said gloves.

    Surgical masks are designed to keep surgeons from spitting on patients in surgery; not for keeping you from getting a disease.

Chart showing mask use.

Miscellaneous Information

The “human corona-viruses” (HCoV) were first identified in the mid-1960s in the noses of people with the common cold.

    These are the seven known HCoVs:
    • 229E (alphacoronavirus responsible for the common cold)
    • NL63 (alphacoronavirus responsible for croup, bronchitis & bronchiolitis)
    • OC43 (betacoronavirus responsible for 10–15% of the common colds)
    • HKU1 (betacoronavirus)
    • MERS-CoV (the betacoronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome—MERS)
    • SARS-CoV (the beta corona-virus that causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome—SARS)
    • SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of: CoViD-19).

HCoV infections most often occur during the winter months and early spring.  HCoV antibodies don’t last long; so, you can catch the same HCoV about 4 months after it runs its course.

Authorities first identified CoViD-19 in Wuhan, China.  On: February 11, 2020 the World Health Organization deemed it a global pandemic.  The President of the United States signed several emergency Acts into law making over $60 billion available for use to fight the effects of CoVid-19.  Congress is currently working on a nearly $2 trillion economic relief package.

When people first come in contact with CoViD-19 they usually remain symptom free for a while.  Most people that become symptomatic will begin to show signs after about five days; though people can become symptomatic as soon as two days, or as much as 2 weeks after contracting the virus—nonetheless, they can be contagious that entire time; and even then, they may feel no symptoms and still be contagious for two or more weeks.

Our best tools to deal with this pandemic are: knowledge, common sense, disinfectants, soap and water and regular faithful prayer; all applied while following the guidelines for preventing the contagion and caring for those that need care.  People actively fighting the disease report that ibuprofen aggravates CoViD-19 symptoms.

Since their outbreak, Team Law regularly addresses the global pandemic on our Conference Calls
It’s quite obvious people are scared. 
However, the opposite of fear is faith; and, faith comes from having a sound belief in knowing you’re doing all you can and trusting in God to take care of the rest.

Though only God knows how all of this will turn out, Harvard epidemiologists say we can expect anywhere from 40–70% of the world’s population will likely get infected this year.  And, though, 85% of the people that catch the disease will show little to no symptoms, an estimated 10-15% will need medical ventilators and hospital care.
    Now, here’s the deal, if the low estimate 40% (130 million people) in the U.S. get infected and 10% need to visit the hospital, that’s 13 million people
    However, there are only 924,000 hospital beds in the United States; and, most of them are already occupied.
    Further, according to the New York Times, “Hospitals in the United States have roughly 160,000 ventilators. There are a further 12,700 in the National Strategic Stockpile, a cache of medical supplies maintained by the federal government to respond to national emergencies.

That means, if the people don't do all they can to stop this, the medical system will be overrun and a lot of people will likely die because of it.

Government officials know this, and it’s why some are turning to quarantines, etc.—to slow the rate of spread and buy the medical system time.

The bigger problem is such necessary strategies can crash the economy.  It’s already happening all over the world: borders are closing; international travel is being banned; schools, churches, restaurants & bars, etc. are also closing; sport seasons and other events are being canceled; store shelves are being emptied; the export of medicines are being stopped; and, the U.S. market has dropped over 20% in just a week; the Dow sank 1,338.46 points, or 6.3% on, Mar. 18, 2020—was the eighth straight day it moved more than 1,000 points; and, from the time the CoViD-19 outbreak became a global concern Bitcoin went from over $10,000/coin to $4,184/coin on Mar. 12, 2020.

That’s when hopeful optimism shifted to panic in the marketplace; still, we were only at the start of CoViD-19’s effects both in the United States and globally.

This is the best evidence yet that it’s always necessary to be prepared at the best of your ability. 

Be Prepared!

Preppers look to their own means worrying in the good times about the things that may come.  And, during this crisis, people can wish they were prepared if they weren’t.

Still, the most powerful resource any of us have is not in our own abilities; rather, it’s in our heritage that goes back to our origin, our Creator—Elohim.

All too often, in times of pending doom, people show their least favorable characteristics, like selfishness, greedful hoarding and forceful abuse to get what you want in spite of others.  At the beginning of the panic, you may have witnessed people clamoring for the last package of toilet paper (or some other product) in the store. Still, as time passes, the stores continue to be restocked and supplies become available.

Such panic effects are the direct opposite of how people respond to disasters that have already happened; like: floods, hurricanes, fires, etc.  It’s at those times when people go out of their way to help, console and serve those in need.

Anyone can see how conveniently the events surrounding this CoViD-19 outbreak fit with the possibility of conspiracy theories at the potential cause in the pandemic.  That’s because the Chinese government’s bioengineering lab (where they work with understanding, engineering and weaponizing viruses with their remedies) is right there in the same town where the CoViD-19 outbreak began.  And, it’s no secret the Chinese government officials want China to be the world’s greatest power.

If you weren’t prepared for this and you want to learn how you can still get prepared, you might be interested in my friend Mike Dillard’s Be Prepared Training.

Myth, Legend or Conspiracy?

Governments, universities, pharmaceutical companies, bioengineering labs, etc. research viruses, etc. and their cures to discover new items and secure global patents for their discoveries.  It’s not only a huge business its also done to discover and weaponize viruses, etc. and their cures to make themselves ready to defend against anyone that may attack their country with such bioweapons.

It’s also no secret that there are globally powerful people that hold themselves as “Elite” that want to bring the world into a collectivist society whose economy, wealth and power they can control (see: Hidden Agenda).

Because CoViD-19 is a novel virus first publicly identified at or near a market in: Wuhan, China, very near China’s bioweapons lab (where they research and produce corona-viruses etc. and vaccines for use as bioweapons) the pandemic is a fertile natural target for mythologists, conspiracy theorists, predatory marketers and agent provocateurs to launch their platforms.

Also, we are seeing and hearing an abundance of pseudo-science from alleged authorities, including some MDs, where they promote idea s like exosomes and viruses are the same thing and their sole purpose is to remove toxins, etc. from the body.  Personally, I had a triple major (Microbiology, Botany and Zoology) in college and I remember quite well the difference between viruses and exosomes. Though they are quite similar in their general construction, they are not the same thing.  Exosomes do not turn host cells into micro-manufacturing plants with one function mass replication of the virus—viruses do exactly that.  My point here is, don't be fooled by pseudo-science that seems well though out or is presented as if it is real.  Viruses are not exosomes!  That allegation is just as ridiculous as the allegation that mankind mutated from pond scum over billions of years—that too is impossible.

Further, the “coincidence” of all of the events surrounding what we’re living through, today, as a result of CoViD-19 may seem too convenient not to have been a planned event executed as a clandestine act of war.

However, such theories and or allegations that this is all a hoax do nothing for eliminating the very real effect of the virus at hand—in fact, they can limit us from being effective in the battle against the virus.

The bottom line: at this time, it doesn’t matter whether there was a conspiracy.  True or false, there’s nothing we can do about that matter right now.  Respectively, with things like that (about which there’s nothing you can do), I’m a firm believer in the biblical prophesy—‘Vengeance is mine thus sayeth the Lord.’  Accordingly, I leave such things up to Him and His promises; while, I do my best to live up to my part.

It’s important to remember the enemy on our door fronts is—the virus; and, do all we can to defeat it ASAP.

Though, we need to show wisdom and caution when governments move from fighting to end the pandemic to attempting to force people into “preventive remedies” once the current pandemic passes.
Nonetheless, we can handle that concern if and when it happens.  To do that, we need to know the facts and the law—and, learning how to learn the law is what Team Law is all about.

Of course, it’s also possible that the virus was simply the result of naturally occurring events—like the “experts” say.

Either way, there’s no point belaboring how we got here now.
The enemy we must overcome is the virus with its effects.
Respectively, we have no choice but to do our best to take care of ourselves, our families, friends and neighbors through this crisis.

For now, the best thing to do is understand the enemy—CoViD-19 (SARS-2).
If there were “bad guys” or a conspiracy at the cause, there is little we can do about them now.

President Trump’s Press Briefing with Corona-virus Task Force

Watch the live briefing posted by President Trump on Twitter: Press Briefing with Corona-virus Task Force

There’s Hope in Faithful Prayer

We believe the most powerful tool we have is a close relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Such a relationship is best developed with learning and practice.  Learning from the teachings available to us from scripture study and practice by living in accord with those teachings and staying close to our Creator with actions and regular heartfelt prayer for guidance and protection.   If you haven’t learned how to pray, you can learn how by following the “Eternal Necessity” link either here or from our main menu under Research.

  • We believe being prepared at the best of your ability is an elemental component for living a good life.
  • Before, during and after we do anything else, we pray.
  • We work and live as if our outcome all depends on us; and,
  • We pray and ask for heavenly help, guidance and protection as if it all depends on God.
  • Through it all, we remain faithful knowing that God is bound by His promises; and,
  • He will guide us through whatever comes.
  • My life’s experience proves it’s true.

This page will be regularly updated. Last update: 5/13/2020.

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