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Contacting Team Law

For the quickest way to get personal answers to your general inquiries about Team Law and our services,
Click this link: Conference Call; and, follow the instructions.

You can contact our Fulfillment Office make and/or track orders, etc.;
via telephone on weekdays from: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Mountain Time)

Until further notice, all support calls to our Trustee need to be made via our regular .

Phone Calls & Mailing Info:
Our phone number can always be found on page 9 of the WARN newsletter;
our mailing location is on the back of the WARN newsletter; and, at the top of our order forms.
If you are a Team Law Beneficiary you will find our unpublished private office number
on your Team Law Beneficiary Agreement; once you have received that number
please always use it for the most direct contact and service.

Office Hours:
Our offices are always open at the times shown above — excluding: weekends,  national holidays,
the weeks of: July 4th, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day;
(Easter Sunday being the first day of the week)

You may also contact Team Law through our Open Forum
by sending Admin a private message through this link: private message icon

Team Law does not use e-mail except for in its automated
Open Forum registration and notification system
; and,
that system can’t reply to comments or questions.

You may also want to checkout our Open Forum
by clicking this link: Linked icon for Team Law Open Forum

To get information regarding making or following up on an order,
you may contact our Fulfillment Office either by phone, or
by clicking this link: Linked icon for Team Law Fulfillment Office

If you have any difficulty registering on, or otherwise accessing, our Open Forum,
simply call us by phone as noted above.

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