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Most people recognize and rightfully believe it is right and proper to: "Obey, honor and sustain the Law."  With this in mind, we have asked: "How can anyone obey, honor or sustain the Law if they don't know what it is?"  The undeniable answer is, "They cannot. It is impossible to obey, or honor, or sustain, or even comply with the law if you don't know what the law is!"  At Team Law we help people learn the law for themselves because we believe everyone should obey, honor, sustain and comply with the law—it is the only way to sustain a Republic form of government.  Still, to understand the law one must first understand its history and its language.  Respectively, Team Law has provided this feature page to introduce you to the ease of learning history with a few topics that drive people's passions to learn more and to do what they can to preserve life, liberty and property, even in the face of our environment today.  We hope you appreciate the effort it cost to provide these presentations and we welcome your support.  Only by learning the truth can we prevail.

Call to Action!Because the only condition of birth that naturally defines the citizenship of a newborn child is that condition where both parents are citizens of the same country, a “natural born Citizen” is a person that was born of parents both of whom were citizens of the same country at the time of the child in question’s birth; respectively, Congress violated the Constitution when they seated Barrack Øbama as President; which, requires this: “Call to Action!”  Click on: “Call to Action” to learn more.

Do You Own Your Land?Most people owning Land in America today have no idea what Land actually is or how to secure Title to it.  In fact, Land is the domain described by its boundaries.  The Title to Land is the Land Patent.  The chain of title from the Land Patent to the present is expressed in Color of Title documents like, Deeds etc.; which prove your ownership defined in the Title.  Without such documents you have no proof of Title and your land rights may be at risk.  To learn more, click on: “Do You Own Your Land?

Sovereignty 101Though some of the people in America today are aware of the term “Sovereignty”, we most commonly hear references to it from tax protestors and/or people that focus their study on civil rights.  We also hear the “government” claim that they are sovereign; however, it is all too rare that any of those that talk about sovereignty actually know what it is or how it works.  Respectively, that is why we generated this special mini-course on Sovereignty.  After all, it is the key to almost everything else in the law (learn more).

American History 101 People think American History starts as a Colony subject to Great Britain; however, the British colonists that settled here were free natural sovereign landowners with the right of self-government; as such, they were not subject to any King; except by their contract for passage, which required 50% of their production for seven years.  Accordingly, people think the thing they call government today is their government; again, the truth alludes them.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: [American History 101] (view the Outline).

Family Ties The single most important issue to man’s existence, experience and even potential for inheritance from God is, "The Family".  Due to man's ignorance today, we find ourselves deceived by powers seemingly outside of our control.  The result of our remaining ignorant can assure the destruction of our families and ourselves.  To save our families, we must learn the truth and restore our private control of our marriages and our families.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: [learn more].

Protect Your Family Once we discover the threat against our families and against ourselves, we begin to desire to correct our errors from the past.  Accordingly, we need to learn how.  This page gives an introduction to what we must learn to do to Protect our families and ourselves from the deceptions we fell prey to.  Team Law is a unique organization that helps people learn how to educate themselves in Law, its history and its language; therefore, we can only provide an introduction here.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: [learn more].

Terrorism in America If you were alive to remember the attacks on the Alfred P. Murah federal building, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, then you were awakened to the reality of terrorism on our soil.  However, the questions surrounding each of those events indicate the story the people were given was not accurate.  Those questions remain unanswered.  But, the facts that raise those questions tell stories of their own and beg review.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: [learn more].

Patriot Mythology Often, when people begin to learn something is wrong in America, they fall prey to bogus information from the so called ‘Patriot Community’.  We call it “Patriot Mythology”.  Some of the primary myths today are recognizable by terms like, "capture the Strawman", "U.C.C. 1 filings", "Expatriation", "Constitutional Rights", "You can Patent your Land", "NESARA", "The FED makes money from nothing" and many more.  On this page we debunk such bogus claims.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: [learn more].

Corp. U.S. Mythology Often, when people begin to learn something is wrong in America and they begin to search for the cause, they discover that they had fallen prey to bogus information from the so called ‘government’ (Corp. U.S.).  We call that bogus info. “Corp. U.S. Mythology”.  Some of the primary myths are the allegation that the Social Security (SS) card is your card (read the back of the card), the SS number is your number, Federal Reserve notes are money and many more.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: [learn more].

The SeductionAncient prophets fortold of our time, warning us that everyone, even God’s very elect, would be deceived by religious and or secular leaders that would seduce the people away from God through their “signs and wonders”.  What most people did not expect was that the seducer would be government forcing its own form of religion upon the people in a way we had never expected—and, so subtilly that even after being seduced you would fight for your certain demise.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: [learn more].

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