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Our purpose in presenting this page is to give you a brief overview how the law works so you can have a chance of learning to apply it properly to any given situation.  Accordingly we first acknowledge:

People rightfully believe it is right and proper to:
“Obey, honor and sustain the Law.”

Thus, we ask: “How can anyone obey, honor, sustain or comply with the Law if they don’t know what it is?” 
The undeniable answer is, “You can not.  It’s impossible to obey, or honor, or sustain or even comply with the law, if you don’t know what the law is!”  At Team Law we help people learn the law for themselves because we believe everyone should obey, honor, sustain and comply with the law.  The only way to sustain a Republic form of government [that is: a law controlled government of the people, by the people and for the people] is the people must know the Law.

Most of us gained our understanding of our history and the Law from someone else’s testimonial, rather than from a direct study of the law itself from its source.  In all likelihood you learned what you thought was law from friends, family, employers or the media; but, from what source did they learn it?  Chances are they learned it from a similar hearsay sources.  In most cases we picked it up along the way.  When we learned to ride a bike we were told we had to ride it on the same side of the street as the car traffic and that we were supposed to obey the same traffic rules as cars.  But, from what source did we learn those traffic rules?  We generally accepted our parents’ word on it.  Some of us received a pamphlet from the state regarding bicycle safety — but, was that law, an excerpt from ‘the revised statutes’, common sense or a mixture of all three with a bit of personal opinion thrown in for good measure?  When we progressed to driving cars, did we study the actual law or did we just follow the school’s and or our parents’ instructions that we needed a license plate on the car and a driver’s license to drive it?  When we studied to prepare for the driver’s license exam, did we actually study the law or did we just study another booklet prepared by ‘The State’?  When we studied such matters, did we study from the source, learning first the history of the law and its application, or did we simply cut to the chase and study whatever we needed to pass the presupposed obligatory test?

To actually know the law we have to learn it from our own study of it.  Each element of the law has its own basis in history and fact.  Ultimately, all Law comes from God to man and from man to government.  Thus, by using the “Standard for Review”, we can always track the Law to its source and from that study we can know the Law.  In fact, it is quite simple.

The founding fathers of our Constitutional Republic lived on their own private land as free natural sovereign independent people with no central government controlling them—they had Liberty.  After the French American War they found themselves at odds with Great Britain in its attempt to usurp the power to rule over them; as if they were chattel property of Great Britain.  When Great Britain’s unlawful rule became unbearable, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, which each of the 13 independent States signed, as the foundational instrument that united the people in a Union of States; to unanimously inform one and all of the necessity that they dedicate their lives to fight for Liberty in “The War of Independence” against Great Britain.

Ultimately, our Constitutional Republic was formed and every State entering into the Union of States thereafter had an Enabling Act authorizing and limiting the State’s entrance into the Union.  The Enabling Acts granted the people within various territories authority to form State constitutions providing, under an “ordinance irrevocable”, that the State could pass no law repugnant to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.  The number one principle of that Declaration and of the Constitution was the peoples’ God given inherent inalienable right to Liberty; the definition of which the United States Supreme Court has confirmed as: ‘the right to take your property and come and go as you please without government interference.’  So, where could the State have received the authority to compel a driver’s license?  Has that irrevocable ordinance been revoked?  No, it has not.  Is the state violating that ordinance by requiring such licenses?  No, that has also been ruled lawful.  Then what happened?

Now, there’s a question that might get us somewhere; the answer begins by noticing a relationship exists between several parties under the statute; therefore, in order to understand the law we must first understand the relationship.  To simplify such things Team Law has presented a “Standard for Review in its Open Forum.  Following the “Standard for Review” we learn that in order to understand the law we must know our history.  Learning the Law using Team Law’s “Standard for Review” makes understanding both how the driver’s license can be compelled against the taxpayer and not apply to the free natural man.  Team Law can also help the man learn how he can control the taxpayer with its necessary licenses and yet remain free and naturally independent from the same without conflict; the key is learning and understanding the law.

Today, we are used to learning about current events from testimonials broadcast on TV, radio and in print.  Ask anyone if you can believe what you read, hear or see in the media and they will tell you: “No!”  Then, ask them about what happened on “911” and they will rehearse the story of what they saw in the media regarding the events of September 11, 2001.  We simply do not know what is going on around us and virtually every source we go to for understanding is selling something themselves — so naturally their information is tainted to support their product.  The problem is, when you gain your understanding from any place other than the original source itself, chances are, your understanding is tainted by the spin or opinion of the vendor; and, studying the mater directly without support seems nearly impossible.  Understanding law is no different; to understand law we must understand history; to understand either we must go to their source.  Having an informed yet unbiased guide like Team Law helps.

For that reason, much of what you find on Team Law’s website is dedicated to presenting history and unraveling myths of both Patriot and Corp U.S. Mythology.  We hope people will not simply believe us; rather, we hope they will do their own research and prove the facts for themselves.  We help people learn from the source.  Once armed with knowledge of law and what’s happening around us, people find they can secure their: families, land, property, businesses interests and their lives in virtually every aspect.

If you would like to see the people of our nation rally together for the purposes of legally and lawfully getting what appears to be government back under control, out of your pocketbook and off from your back; eliminating any need for taxation and getting our nation's monetary system (gold and silver coin) back in full operation; having your natural sovereignty recognized and your rights secured against governmental trespass; getting foreign powers out of control of our government; and getting our Constitutional Republic back, then: Support Team Law

Help us seat the original jurisdiction government officials in their lawful seats of government.

When we say, “eliminate any need for taxation”, we are not referring to any scheme for any cause that would use any means to fail to pay any lawful obligation to any taxing agency.  We are saying, though it is possible that you might (with a lot of luck) live in concert with the law, if you do not know the law you cannot possibly: obey, honor, sustain or comply with it; taxes are no exception!  So, we must learn the law — when we learn the law, and hold our governments accountable to the laws the founding fathers of this nation secured in this Constitutional Republic, there is no need for income, sales or property taxes at all.  Our experience shows, when people learn the law and live accordingly, they generally incur no tax debts even according to the laws, rules and regulations controlling tax collecting agencies in our nation today.

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