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The items on this page are resources Team Law either provides links to or provides a web page that contains links to other web sites or services that may be of interest to you.  We hope these links help you in your search for understanding.

Social Networking LinksWe expect that social networking links need no explination today; other than a brief note to explain why Team Law started using Facebook and Twitter.  From the beginning. as we supported the people learning how to learn the law to reseat the original jurisdiction government and we were about to complete the task of reseating all of the original jurisdiction governors, the next step needs to go viral; also at that time, we began supporting the Call to Action; and, accordingly, Social networking access became necessary.

The Way of Kings™ Team Law receives regular inquiries from people all over the world asking about our recommendations for asset protection systems. We are aware of only one organization that generates asset protection systems worthy of our recommendation and that is primarily because The Way of Kings™ asset protection systems are based on building asset control while living in accord with God’s Laws.  We think their systems are awesome!   To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more) Team Law's Trustee was suffering from a life threatening cardiovascular disease when his wife found a product that saved his life; respectively, to make that product available to people everywhere, she opened a business that markets that product.  This is a link to the website where you can learn more about this product.  Team Law’s Trustee says: “I used this for two days and my daily bouts with severe angina were gone!  Judging from my experience and what I have seen others experience, this product has the potential to change the world and how people treat heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and much much more.”  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

The Miracle Molecule! Where (listed above) offers the hope of restoring quality of life to people suffering from disease, ‘The Miracle Molecule’ page provides a quick way to get involved with an incredible money back guaranteed opportunity of a lifetime that can not only return the initial investment of $250 in less than two months but it can also return over $5,000 in three months or less; beyond that, you can simply keep that growth rate going as long as you want to work it.  We have never seen anything like it before!  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

Open Forum We started our Open Forum to eliminate the abundance of e-mail Team Law was getting.  As conventional e-mail systems became more and more abused by spammers and smut peddlers we were receiving up to 6,000 e-mail messages per day.  It became a full time job just disposing of the junk e-mail.  We had to do something that would allow us to both eliminate the problems of the conventional e-mail system and allow us to be responsive to inquiries from people interested in Team Law.  Our solution was our Open Forum system, which provides both a private message system and an Open Forum.  Having been online for several years, the system has become an incredible resource for accurate information regarding law and solutions to problems many people face today.  It even debunks common mythological ideas about taxes, law and solutions to such problems.  It certainly has the ability of informing you of the value of Team Law services and your support for our work..  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more) mirrored site: Originally, Team Law only had one website; it was a "Frame based" site; then used because early HTML developped internet pages were not very capable of quickly presenting multi-column pages unless they were developed with "frames".  Due to internet server support difficulties, we determined we needed to set up an alternate mirrored site; so, we could always keep our sites available and online 24/7/365.  By the time we we developed the new site (, HTML had been dramatically advanced with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); which take better advantage of templates; and, which allowed us to use direct page addressing that work far better with our Open Forum System.  For that very reason, we far prefer using the webpage; and, it became our primary site.  Because the site is far easier to update, it also remains the first site of the two to get updates; thus, it remains the most timely site to access.  With both sites up and running, our internet services are always available when you want to learn more.   To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

Conference Calling ServiceWe host our Conference calls on Free Conference Calling’s service.  In the past, we used other call services; but, none of them offered as complete a service as Free Conference Calling Provides.  Free Conference Calling even includes s a full featured internet accessible dashboard; through which the call host can control all call features (even including free call recording).  The service is awesome!  Respectively, we recommend Free Conference Calling through the following link:

Free Conference Calling


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