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Team Law Beneficiary Nominations

When anyone recognizes what Team Law has already done to help the people learn how to secure our Land, Liberty, Property and/or to help reseat our nation’s original jurisdiction government, etc., they find Team Law worthy of their support and respectively privately grant that support to Team Law through donations.  Funds received from such private grants are never used for Team Law beneficiary support.

When such private donations are made at $695.00 or more, Team Law honors the donor by respectively granting them the privilege of nominating a Team Law Beneficiary.  Anyone that receives such a privilege may nominate any living individual man, woman or child [excluding the donor and all general partners of the donor] for a Team Law Beneficiary Endowment.  All such donations are voluntary private gifts given without recourse; as such, they cannot be considered towards any purchase.  All such grants are simply made to privately support Team Law for its past efforts and expenses.  When Team Law accepts such grants with an accompanying nomination, we then grant a lifetime Team Law Beneficiary Endowment to the nominee.

Most donors provide their private donations at $695.00 or more.  When donors make private donations at $945.00 or more Team Law respectively grants them the privilege of nominating a family for a Team Law Beneficiary Endowment.  Team Law Beneficiary Family Endowments cover a husband and/or a wife and their under eighteen year old children.  Again, all such donations are privately made/granted, without recourse, to support Team Law for what we have already done.

To learn more about how Team Law came to be and how our nomination system works,
follow this link: “Becoming a Team Law Beneficiary”.

The Way of Kings™ is our largest supporter.  All of their patrons are Team Law beneficiaries.  Whenever one of their patrons is not a Team Law beneficiary and contracts to purchase an asset protection system from them, The Way of Kings™ makes certain that Patron is a Team Law Beneficiary with a Family Endowment before they deliver any component of their system to that Patron.  The Way of Kings™ not only helps their patrons become Team Law beneficiaries, they also have a referral system that can help people secure effective asset protection systems (even in difficult times).

Again, Team Law is a private organization and accordingly all grants donated to Team Law are privately made to support Team Law for what we have already done, not to get the services Team Law can provide.

If you would like to make such a private grant to, or order supplies from, Team Law:

First, please print our “Order Form”.

In order to get our order form simply click here: Click this button to download the Team Law Order Form.

Second, fill out your Order Form.

Third, if you want to complete your order by direct mail or by courier (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) simply fill out the order form and send it along with the appropriate amount for your order; including: any private grant, the proper price for any products you may be purchasing, plus all applicable shipping and handling charges shown on the Order Form.  Choose an appropriate payment method (preferably Zelle® or Postal Money Order, we also accept: crypto-currency, cash, gold or silver coin), if you are paying with your order, place your payment with your order in the envelope, and send it to the address on the order form. (Please notice that hard asset gold or silver coin payments have a 7% handling charge.)

Fourth, if you want to complete an Order Form order over the phone or internet, using a bank account or a Credit/Debit Card, make your payment through Zelle®; it’s free and works with either your online bank account or your smart phone.

Fifth, once you have completed such an order and processed your donation, please notify us via our open Forum’s Private Message service to confirm your respective nomination.  As soon as the processing center you chose completes processing your donation, we verify whether your nomination is compliant; and, when it is, we grant the nomination.

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