Ron Paul

Since the hype began regarding the 2008 Presidential elections we have been following the field of candidates.  Ron Paul is one of the Republican candidates that stands out from the crowd.  We favored Ron Paul from the beginning, because we are familiar with his service in Congress for Texas.  We are impressed with his Constitutional support.  We also find his uncompromising way of dealing with bills refreshing (It earned him the titles of “Vote No Ron” and “Dr. No”).  We were not surprised at how well Ron Paul did in the Republican Party debates or in the polls that followed them, in spite of the fact that it appeared like the media system was doing its best to color the events against Representative Paul..  Professionally Ron Paul was an Ob/Gyn medical doctor who delivered over 4,000 babies.  He has a very clear opinion of the right to life as are his opinions on so many other issues.  To summarize Ron Paul's candidacy and his life, one must say he is a Constitutionalist.  We like that.  When he says he is a Constitutionalist, it is not like most people saying those words, meaning they may have read it and think it is a good idea; Ron Paul knows what it says and he stands by it.  Thus, his voting record shows he does not vote for any bill that challenges the Constitution or the rights its secures. 

When we reviewed the candidates for the Corp. U.S.’ Presidency, we went in most familiar with and in support of Ron Paul; then we discovered Mitt Romney and we were quite impressed until he bowed out.  Mitt had the right image and he has proven executive skills necessary for the job, supported by an incredible track record of executive leadership.  If Mitt Romney had Ron Paul’s opinion on Privacy and Property we would see Mitt as the ideal if not perfect candidate—we expect virtually all of people in America would share that opinion; however, only Ron Paul has taken an open stand against the national ID system, the unlawful P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act and using Eminent Domain to unlawfully take Private Property.

It is too bad that Mitt Romney didn’t share Ron Paul’s opinion on those critical issues for we believe they are the most important issues the people of our country have faced in over seventy years—in fact since Corp U.S. formed the Social Security Administration.  They will likely prove to be the linchpin of our nation’s liberty or the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

The rumor mill is putting up the possibility that Mitt Romney is on the short list as a running mate for McCain.  If that is true, we do not believe the Democrats could have a chance against such a team in the election.

On reviewing Ron Paul’s candidacy, we find nothing showing how he will accomplish any of the things he would like to do as President, other than by continuing to vote “No”.  The only way he could accomplish many of his ideals would be by exercising Executive Orders, which we expect he is against, given his opinions on such dictatorial authority.  He could provide his influence but he does not present how he would accomplish anything; thus, we are left to assume that he will simply take things as they come.  Our expectation is that such a pattern would cause his presidency to pass uneventfully.  We expect if he were elected he would directly contest unconstitutional statutes like the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act and the national ID act, but the President does not have the ability to change legislation that is already in place except by showing it is unconstitutional (Like Andrew Jackson did to the national bank).  So, we expect he would have difficulty accomplishing much other than keeping our country from going further away from our Constitution.  In fact that is a very good reason for supporting Ron Paul.

Still most followers of such matters seem to believe Senator McCain will win the Primary election for the Republicans.  We have no idea; however, for those of you involved in this election you have a tough choice before you, but whatever that choice is, you will not have a chance to make it count if you don’t first stop VoteScam so that you can actually be assured your vote will be counted how you voted it and have its lawful effect.

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