Senator Madsen

A lot of people ask, “Who are you?”  “How did you get into office?”  And, “What kind of success you had in office, since you got there?”  Here are my answers to those questions:

I was born of great parents.  When I was a child I acted like a child.  In my youth I was strong willed and ignorant largely at the cause of an incurable curiosity and public education.  Still, I have always been a seeker of the truth.  Following my own path I found my way to the valley of the shadow of death, where I died and was given a second chance.  Experience in life and death taught me the scriptures are true.  We are descendants of Adam and Eve, created by our Father in Heaven, in His image and likeness and placed here to discover the truth and to live lives worthy of our return to our heavenly parents.  Because of our Lord and Savior's atonement for our sins we can repent of our errors and omissions and return home.  I know the King of Kings is my King and I am His servant; therefore, I am your servant.  I am also a husband to an exquisite wife and a father of 9 wonderful children.

For nearly four years I served as the elected governor of the original jurisdiction Colorado.  Make sure you understand, I was not the governor of "The State of Colorado".  The State of Colorado is a private corporation (hereinafter "Corp. Colorado") owned by a foreign corporation known as, The United States Government (hereinafter "Corp. U.S."), which is itself outright owned by the International Monetary Fund.  I filled the office described in the "Constitution of Colorado", created under the "Enabling Act of Colorado", as: "Governor" of the republic State in the Union of States known as The United States of America.  From all evidences available to us I was the first governor to sit in a seat of government in this nation since 1972 (see history of this nation).

When I was elected, many of the people were not aware that Colorado’s chief executive was reseated.  Colorado’s Constitution requires that a new Governor report to the Senate.  However, I had a problem, there was no original jurisdiction Senate seated in the State.  I contacted the then seated Corp. Colorado Senate and requested a meeting.  In that meeting I shared the history of our nation as it relates to Colorado government.  Then I asked the Senators if they thought they were running for State Senate or for Corp. Colorado’s Senate when they ran for office.  The answer was, “State Senate”.  I asked if they thought the people voting for them were voting for them as State Senators or as Corp. Colorado Senators.  They said, “State Senators”.  I said, “Then we will operate from the oldest foundation of law — intent.  And, I will announce to you that I am the newly elected Governor of Colorado making my report to the only Senate in the State according to the will of the people.”  When I was through with that, Senator Charlie Duke said, “Well Governor Madsen, what would you have us do?”  I said, “Obey the Law.”  I continued, “I have no direct relation to your Senate, however there will come a time when we reseat the government, entirely, then we will talk.”

That time is getting closer all of the time.  We put a “brain trust” called “Team Law” in charge of awakening the nation to the truth about government.  Team Law also provides people with a resource for understanding how to stand up for their rights at law.  For the last ten years we have been working to awaken the People to the truth about our nation’s history and the identity of Corp. U.S.  We have been doing quite well as you can see by Team Law's web site.  We have now assisted in getting over 37 original jurisdiction state governors elected.

The path has not been an easy one.  We accomplished this task in part by responding to legal situations with the facts and law.  For example we recognized that people are sovereign and their rights are not limited.  In fact the Constitution of the United States of America secures those rights against government infringement.  We recognized that people have the God given inherent right to Liberty.  That includes but is not limited to the right to take their property where they will without limitation (other than trespass).  For that reason, as governor, I assisted people in securing allodial title plates for their cars.  I also issued Passports to people that could prove they were naturally born in Colorado.  As Colorado’s governor, I was subpoenaed to testify in several Corp. Colorado court cases.  I so testified in most of those cases and refused the subpoena in one of the cases on the grounds that I was governor and not subject to the subpoena power of the court.  My position was never challenged by the Corp. Colorado courts.  Corp. U.S. also never challenged my authority as Governor of Colorado.  In fact on two occasions the Corp. Colorado Senate invited me to come and participate in their meetings and Corp. U.S. issued me identification (as Colorado's Governor) that allowed me to use their facilities in Washington, D.C. giving passage to areas that were not available to the general public.

There was one challenge raised by Arapaho County through their attorneys.  Team Law beneficiaries were winning their court cases, though our successes simply convinced the county that they needed more money for better surveillance and better attorneys.  So, they gathered up all of their court records, wire tap transcripts and whatever other evidence they could find from their records, from the FBI and from all of the counties surrounding Denver, Colorado, and together with all of the Sheriffs from all of those counties they went to the United States Congress to supplicate for funds to help them fight what they called, “The Allodialists”.  For those that do not know, “an allodialist” is a person that believes in freehold ownership in Land and other property.  When the county presented their side of the story, Congress took the matter as a national security matter and sent all of the evidence over to the National Security Council (hereinafter “NSC”), where it was delivered to the Joint Chiefs and reviewed by them.  Two weeks later, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs addressed the NSC and said, “What Governor Madsen is doing, out there in Colorado, is legal, lawful and correct; and if they accomplish what they have set out to do, we will recognize that President of the United States of America as the President of the United States of America and give them full military support.”  The NSC’s response was delivered to Congress and the County’s request was denied.  When the Attorneys returned to Colorado, they could not get out of their cases with me fast enough.  From that time to this (October 23, 2003) we have had relatively little communication with those private foreign corporations most people ignorantly think of as our governments.

As Governor of Colorado, I recognized there were no national Senators seated in the original jurisdiction national government’s seats.  The Governors of the States are the ones responsible for seating vacant Senatorial seats.  I therefore appointed myself as the first Senator to be seated in the national government since 1913.  Filling that position caused me to have to step down from my position as Governor of Colorado, one day before retiring from office having served a full 4 year term.  That day, my Lieutenant Governor, Robert (Bob) Shell, replaced me as Governor of Colorado; the next day he was replaced in office as the newly reelected Governor.  He also confirmed my appointment as one of Colorado’s Senators to the United States of America’s Congress.  As the first and only Senator there, I serve in the capacity of President of the Senate pro tempore. In time, other original jurisdiction state governors appointed other senators to other Senate seats, and they confirmed my position as their President pro tempore.

We are near to reseating the nation’s government.  We now have enough governors from enough states to appoint the national Senators into their seats in accord with the Constitution for the United States of America.  When that happens the President pro tempore of the Senate can call those Senators into special session for the purpose of reseating the vacant seat of the President of the United States of America.  When that happens, we will have our national government back in its proper position ready to take back the control over Corp. U.S.  There is one more thing we want in place before we complete the task—the support of the people.  We need to educate the people of this country with their true history.  The people need to know!  We need your support, so we ask you to spread the word.  Don’t just believe what we say.  Do your own study, prove it to yourself and learn the truth—then spread the word.

That’s my story and my outlook for the future.  At this time, I give my continued solemn oath to the people of Colorado and to the people of the United States of America that I will serve you, with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength, even as I serve my Father in Heaven, and my family.  I will do all I can to secure our nation and to have our national and State governments serving the sovereign people of this Land.  When we finally secure the seat of President of the United States of America, I promise to continue doing all I can to put our nation back on The Constitution of the United States of America.  I promise to make sure each and every officer of government affirms an oath to uphold and abide by the Constitution of the United States of America, and that if any of them violate that oath they will be held accountable for that violation.

When re-seated, the First Presidential Act should be the appointment of at least 3 judges to the Nation’s Supreme Court.  The Second Act should be to call the debt owed to our nation by Corp. U.S.  That debt is impossible to pay and the corporation will once again become the property of our government (along with its owner) for failure to timely pay.  The Third Act should be putting the nation back on its monetary gold and silver standard.  We have sufficient silver and gold to back the entire Federal Reserve note system on a one-to-one basis, and we must return to our gold backed monetary system.  The next Act should be to abolish all personal and all corporate income taxes.  IRS’s own statistics show they spend more collecting taxes than what they collect, and the funds from taxes don’t go to our nation or to Corp. U.S., they go to the IMF based debt which under these conditions would no longer exist.  This nation does not need taxes to function.  In fact, Corp. U.S’. investments are way more than sufficient to cover all of our expenses, plus a whole lot more.

Remember, as you have been dealing with Corp. U.S., all has not been what it seemed.

As soon as the national government receives all of the assets of Corp. U.S., we will return all of the corporations know as "The State of (X)", like Corp. Colorado to the original jurisdiction State governors as the property of the government of the original jurisdiction States, under the control of those State Governors.  There is much more to come and I cannot share it all with you here.  I will say this though, what we are doing can eliminate all State taxes as well.

Some of this may seem a little drastic to people that have been unaware of what has been happening in our nation.  However, if we fail to do this, freedom will become a thing of the past, little more than a story told to our children’s children and our nation will go the way of Hitler’s Germany.  The one thing we cannot do is revolt against the powers that be.  As of the "Homeland Security" (a term coined by Hitler) Act, such a revolt is the only element left to complete a Communist takeover of our nation; such a revolt would be the final catalyst for total takeover of all private property by force and the elimination of Liberty—all allegedly in the name of securing our nation against terrorism.  Beware!

“Those who would give up freedom for security deserve, and will get, neither.”  Benjamin Franklin.

Join us in our fight to save our nation.

Senator Madsen

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