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October 26, 2004

Greetings Mail List subscribers!

Though we planned to send out a newsletter every other week or so starting about a month before our website goes dynamic, we have only sent out one newsletter early this year, and we are very close to the dynamic shift.  However, at this time it is necessary that we send out this message because of the short time we have until the next gubernatorial election.  Next Tuesday is Election Day, and in this election we have the opportunity to secure 46 of the 48 States original jurisdiction governors.

We presently have 37 governors seated so in this election, where 12 seats are up for reelection, we have the opportunity to take a giant step forward.  The states up for election are: Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North~Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, or West Virginia.

At the present time we have candidates for Utah, Missouri and Montana.  We have original jurisdiction governors currently seated in Montana, North~ Carolina, Washington and West Virginia.  The Washington Governor’s term is up and he is incapacitated to run for reelection.  We have had no contact with either the North~ Carolina or the West Virginia governors so we need to reseat those seats as well.

What this means is that we need a phone call this week from anyone that has the willingness or ability to serve in one of these offices or from anyone that has contact information for anyone that may so qualify.

When we receive contact from anyone to the end of supporting them for one of these offices we will do all that we can to help you secure these original jurisdiction offices.  Reseating our Governors in original jurisdiction is one of the most important things any of us can do to save our nation.  Even if a person does not truly want to serve in such a capacity, getting elected secures the ability of anyone in office to appoint a Lt. Governor and then vacate the office thus securing the seat with your choice for the best person suited.  Now that’s what we call power in a vote.

Some people wonder how many votes they have to get to be elected; the answer is simple—one more vote than any other candidate.  That means that if you were the only person to vote for an original jurisdiction Governor in your State, then your vote would be one more than anyone else received and you would win the election.  We can help—so call us anytime this week and up to Tuesday night at midnight, your time.  Please don’t wait that long because if your State is one of those having an election, they need you now—so call us now!

That having been said, we turn to the events of this year to bring you up to date with Team Law.  Some of you might have noticed some of the ongoing changes on our website.  The newest additions have been related to these changing times, especially in consideration of the escalated move against peoples’ rights that has been spawned by Corp. U.S. and the Corp. State bodies of governance.

We are amazed at the changes that have come this year as a result of the terrorist attacks against the United States that took place September 11 th, 2001 and have continued since then.  We are not referencing any Arab or Muslim with this comment either for the terrorists that attacked our nation were not from Arabia—the facts show who did it.  Just look at the picture:

a photo of the Pentagon imediately after it was hit on 9-11-2001, showing that there was significant evidence that no airliner crashed into it.

Notice, this is a copy of a United States Army photograph downloaded from their website a couple of days after the event.  Notice the hole in the building circled in red.  That is the only hole in the building after the attack! The green line is a radius line; it is copied and transposed next to a short firefighter showing the radius of this hole is about six and one half feet.  Then notice the beautiful lawn absent any debris from any wreckage from any kind of aircraft.  Now ask yourself how a 44 foot tall Boeing 757 could fit through a 13 foot hole in the wall and not break a single window around the hole in the Pentagon.  The answer is plain—it’s impossible.  The story the world was told is obviously false.  There are more photographs on our site that prove this point further and there are links to two well done video presentations that address the obvious facts and cover-ups.  This photo makes people take a second look at the situation and notice the impossibility of the story coming from Mr. Bush.  Today, he was allegedly campaigning in Pennsylvania with the main message that we are going to make the terrorists pay for the events of that infamous day.  We can only hope that is true, considering that he is the head of the only source that could have caused the damage shown above, the United States Government itself.

We watched television interviews of both Mr. Bush and John Kerry, when they were each asked about their secret membership in the Yale University based secret society, that is a law unto itself, known as “Skull and Bones”.  Both of them answered in exactly the same way, with exactly the same words, “That’s too secret to talk about.” They would say no more than that, but in that statement they each admitted their membership in the organization, which is based upon the principle of using wealth and power or even murder to get gain.

This reminds us of the Libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik’s, answer to the last question in the alternative party presidential debates a month or so ago; it went something like this:

The commentator was asking questions from the audience and asked, ‘Everyone knows that a Libertarian candidate is not going to win this election, so voting for you is throwing away your vote.  That being the case, why should anyone throw away their vote and vote for you?’ Michael Badnarik’s answer went something like this, “I’m really glad you asked that question, because as I have been traveling around the country in this election talking to people one thing has remained constant; everywhere I go I hear people say something like, ‘here we are at another election year with our only choice being the lesser of two evils.’ Now, let me ask you a question, if you vote for either one of the lesser of two evils, what do you get? (he paused for a while and continued) That’s right, you get evil! Now, I don’t know about you, but where I come from a vote for evil is truly throwing away your vote.  You know, if everyone in this country that feels that way, votes for me (a viable candidate that understands the Constitution and the job of president and is willing and able to serve) I’ll win the election.

The comment was quite refreshing.

We expect that Mr. Bush will lose the election for the simple fact that in doing so, the new Skull and Bones Leader will be a fresh President and will have the greatest latitude to get change.  Mr. Bush being reelected would be a lame duck president with little latitude for further progression down that slippery slope of eroding rights of the People.  Also, if Mr. Bush is gone there is little chance of holding him accountable for the terrorist acts that took place under his control or guidance of Corp. U.S.   The new President would be free to push the national identification numbering and tracking system.

This brings us to another point, the latest craze of RFID tags.  If you don’t know what they are you need to go to our website and click on the button that looks like:

button image

Following the buttons there as you learn about the way of the future, brought to us by Wal-Mart and the governance M.A.T.R.I.X. system; designed to merge corporate and government data sources together.  The Bottom Line: The stores are going to tag all products that you can buy with Radio Frequency Identification microchips (RFID), the size of a pin head, which will allegedly allow the stores to eliminate theft and cashiers; they will go to Automated Checkout.  That means that if you want to buy anything in their stores you will have to have some kind of RFID identification card (RFID chipped: credit card, identification card or cash card) that allows you to take items off of the shelf and walk out the door.  With a National Identification Number system in place that links to your financial and health information to you, everything can be tracked.  Privacy will be a thing of the past.

These observations are not wild soothsaying of things that don’t and won’t exist; they are the unfolding of John the Revelator’s vision of the end times and the “ Mark of the Beast” unraveling right before our eyes.  Wal-Mart is requiring that all of their vendors have all of their products individually RFID tagged as of January 1, 2005.  Both houses of Congress have just passed different bills that cause the setting up of a national identification numbering system tied to a unified nationwide state issued Driver’s License system.  The bills in each House are different and they are currently working out their differences so that they can come up with a consensus Bill from the full Congress.  This system is directly tied to the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. and the Homeland Security Acts and will do away with privacy almost in its entirety.

Again, these facts are all self evident and unless people learn the law and apply it they will be stuck in the situation prophesied by John, that if you don’t take the Mark of the Beast, you will not be able to buy sell or trade and if you do take the Mark, your name will be blotted out of the Lamb’s Book of Life.

To save space here and to avoid repetition we have not linked each element we have presented here to the sources that prove these facts, yet those links are on our site if you read through the pages leading from the click here link shown above.

As many of you know, at Team Law we do not provide such doom and gloom information without also showing how we can win while maintaining our Liberty and our Freedom.  This situation we find ourselves in today is no different.

The first step to securing ourselves from this mess is to remember the admonitions of scripture in that we first turn back to the King of Kings to find life. 

We are reminded that in this war we cannot use the conventional weapons of war.  In fact the last two planks for a communistic takeover of a great nation like the United States of America are securing a national police force and finally cause the people to revolt.  The national police force was secured with the Homeland Security Act and consolidated to corporate control when Bush put the CIA’s new director in charge of all federally controlled policing activities.

This is all the more reason to look back to the atonement of the King of Kings and to His promise to us that if we will repent and turn to Him we will be forgiven.  This is exactly why The Way of Kings™ was founded.  Within The Way of Kings™ provisions is a Foundational Instrument that as a matter of law secures people’s covenant relation with God in accord with the Law of Consecration.  It recognizes the scriptures forbidding of God’s children taking or receiving numbers.  It recognizes the foundational relationship between God and man and that all subsequent relationships are bound and controlled by God’s irrefutable law.  Where this nation’s laws recognize this same thing and that the Bible is the foundation of this nation’s laws, these Foundational Instruments from The Way of Kings™ become quite powerful in securing our rights and privileges and barring us from such mandates as a national identification number or tracking system.  Secondly comes the requirement of God’s children that though we must be in the world we also must remain not of the world.  This means that we cannot use that Mark of the Beast system to buy sell or trade directly, rather we must set up systems that allow us to use that system to continue to build and secure our stewardships while we continue to secure our Liberty to build up the Kingdom of God.  The scripture make it plain that this is the only way we can proceed and if we do not prepare ourselves now, there will be no opportunity to do so in the future.

We must also remember that regardless of what happens, we cannot take up the conventional weapons of war to fight and win this war.  Our only weapons are and can only be Spirit and Law.  We must learn and obey the law and hold the powers of governance to the law and we must continually build our relationships with our Father in Heaven.  In all such matters the Spirit must come first.

Having said all of that we again look toward our future and the work that proceeds here at Team Law.  We are doing all that we can at this time with our limited funds.  That limitation of funds is what has caused the slow production of the development of the dynamic websites.  The delay is caused by the necessity of learning how to program such sites because we cannot afford to hire a full time programmer to do the work for us.  Our Trustee spends nearly all of his available time answering phone calls and e-mail, leaving little time to program and develop new tools for our beneficiaries.  We have many new tools ready for production but funds are too sparse to put people in place to free up our trustee’s time for development.

To give you an idea of what is coming with the new dynamic websites, here is a basic overview of what we are doing:

First, we are eliminating e-mail altogether.  Once the dynamic sites are up and running neither Team Law nor The Way of Kings™ will receive another e-mail message.  All e-mail to either Team Law or The Way of Kings™ will return an error message that show the sites are down and refers the sender to our websites.  When anyone accesses our websites they will have access to very limited information that will be sufficient to let them know that we have something they want and they will have to register to gain access to our site and to our online store.  Registration will provide them with their own custom access to our site and to our new online store and give them limited access to communicate with us through our open onsite bulletin board and message service.  If they want to have full access to such tools they will have to either be a Team Law beneficiary or pay $19.95 for access to the full communications and newsletter system.  At that point all of the information now available on our site will be available to them, plus the entire system is dynamically interactive.  The communication system allows any combination of audio, video, image, text, and document processing (regardless of the word processor you use).  Team Law beneficiaries will have even greater access and communication abilities plus their online store access will have only Team Law beneficiary pricing.  WARN newsletter subscribers will also have a new access port, which will allow access to all available issues of the newsletter and to their own version of our online store showing only subscriber prices.  Your access port will be customized to your preferences with your own private communications with Team Law right on your page.  The site will also be completely palm top (pocketPC, etc.), telephone Internet services and handicapped Internet access compatible.  Because the site is interactive with its users we can be more interactive in all of our communications with our beneficiaries.  Right now we receive several hundred spam and scum e-mail messages each day and that’s after the filters are done scrubbing the mail to eliminate such trash.  Filters only do so much so someone has to clean out the remainder of the junk.  Our Trustee will not put such trash onto anyone else so we had to find another way to eliminate it.  This new system does just that, which is exactly why we will no longer receive e-mail.  Anytime a response to any message you place on our communication system is ready for you an e-mail message will be sent to you with a link to your page on our site.  When you click the link from your machine it will open your page on our system and you will get it directly and privately but you will not be able to reply to the e-mail announcement sent by our system’s server because we will have no more e-mail access.

We are quite excited about the new system and hope to have it out at least limitedly by the new year.  We are also excited that The Way of Kings™ is purchasing the same system for their site tailored to their needs and provisions.  Their referral response grant system is also quite exciting and because the system is totally dynamic it will store the referral information from any patron source and will make whatever grants as may be necessary to spread the word effectively.  That system alone should bring a significant number of people to Team Law in the near future.

These systems have the potential of educating large numbers of people, which is exactly what we need to win our nation back.  Our next objective is to awaken the nation to the truth, which is exactly what we have to do once we seat these 12 original jurisdiction governor’s this year.

The Bottom Line, we need your help.  Any donations that you may be able to spare to help us in this endeavor will be greatly appreciated.  If we generate sufficient funds to hire full time programmers to get this work done sooner we can get the word out in mass sooner and save our nation before it gets too far gone.  There is still time to win our nation back.  In fact the worse conditions get as Corp. U.S. closes its grip on people the more people look to discover what went wrong and what will it take to fix it.  We have the solutions, now we need to get the word out to the people in general.  That is why we need all of the supporting donations we can get.

If you don’t want to donate you can purchase an asset protection system from The Way of Kings™ and that way your funds will be supporting the cause and you will have the best system available to help you and yours as the fist of corporate governance controls continues to attempt to force everyone into submission to their national identification system.

Finally, we hope this message finds you well.  We are saddened by these times and the great wickedness that is clouding over the people because of the wickedness of the leaders of the United States Government.  Still we have great hope and can see more people everyday awakening to the truth; that is the light that proves we can still prevail! Most people are still good at heart and if they were only aware of what is really going on they would support winning our nation back.  To that end we pray you take this message as a Ray of Hope — Hope that needs your support to flourish.

Finally, if you are not already a Team Law beneficiary, there is no time like the present to get involved; and,
if there is anything we can do for you please let us know.

Team Law.