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The Secret Trust

We referred people to the author of The Secret Trust for nearly
seven years before he moved to China; a year later (in 2001)
we discovered he started acting far less than honorably
in several of his dealings with our beneficiaries in the year before
he left for China.  We challenged him on the discoveries and found
he showed no signs of repentance, therefore we discontinued
our promotion and sale of his book, and of our Do It Yourself Trusts
training album, which featured his book and as of October 1st, 2001,
we discontinued all relations with him.

The good news is, due to this upset we determined
it is necessary to replace our Do It Yourself Trusts training album
with a new training system that deals not only with Trusts but
also deals with all competent asset protection systems.
We are calling the new system the Do It Yourself Asset Protection training.

The new system will be sold exclusively through The Way of Kings,
which is the only source we know of for complete self-controlled
asset protection systems.  Ultimately The Way of Kings will
provide each of their patrons with our Do It Yourself Asset Protection
training when their patrons acquire their asset protection systems.


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