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Message from Team Law’s Trustee

Team Law is a private organization dedicated to helping you learn how to learn: Law, History, Language and Finance, firsthand from the source—so, you can learn how to help preserve our nation.  Virtually all of Team Law’s websites, publications, etc. are copyrighted; and, are available for review purposes free of charge; and, you can access them directly at no cost from our website and/or our Open Forum System.

With Team Law, you learn how to learn the truth firsthand from its source; and, that means you’ll never again have to wonder whether what you are learning is: right, proper, applicable or accurate.  Using Team Law’s  Standard for Review, you can learn how to verify what you learn from multiple confirmed sources.  Thus, before you act upon what you so learned, you can learn how to confirm the truth and positively plan your intended actions. We follow the same process to create training materials for our patrons, most of which are available through our Online Store

We are dedicated to the lawful support of our government with fullness of mind, might, heart and strength; our allegiance above all is to God, to our families and to the principles defined in the Declaration of Independence.  We believe the Constitution of the United States of America and its source law are inspired documents, designed and penned by devout men to form our government; a Constitutional Republic, and to limit it, and its officers, in accord with those principles and laws to preserve the rights of the people and their individual God given sovereign nature.

We believe it is self-evident that our Government and our constitutions are, today, hanging by the threads of ignorance, apathy and fear; and, to save them the individual people (you) must learn how to learn the truth about our Law, our Government and our History firsthand; and, then you must legally, lawfully and honorably take appropriate action to apply the law to preserve the same.  That is exactly why Team Law provides you so much of our work at no cost; regardless of your Team Law Beneficiary status.

All Team Law Beneficiary support is also provided at no cost by unpaid volunteers—like our Trustee and his office staff.

The Team Law Beneficiary support that requires Beneficiary status includes, but is not limited to, hands on live one-on-one editorial review support necessary to help beneficiaries learn how to self-generate proprietary documents that can have the Beneficiary desired outcome; as well as, provide beneficiaries with the learning skills necessary to self-generate processes not available anywhere except within the support services of Team Law.  Even with all of that, no other organization provides such materials on the Internet, has established a 26 year plus track record of successfully doing things right, not needing to make retractions and helping people everywhere learn how to learn the law and apply it; making so much available and doing all we do free of charge!

People wanting to learn more about: Land Law, Property Rights, Liberty, the Right to Travel, our Constitution, History, taxes, the Patriot Movement, the Law Study Movement and more, today, look to the Internet that is filled to the brim with predatory marketers, patriot mythology and agent provocateurs lurking for opportunities to lead people away from the truth.  Patriot Myth 22 covers some of these matters quite well; so, it would serve you well to read, study its subparts and learn how to take advantage of our situation today.  Our Patriot Mythology page and Corp. U.S. Mythology pages are provided as a warning to be careful of what you study and/or who you follow.  At Team Law, we help you to learn how to learn firsthand from the source law and history themselves; and, Team Law is ready to help you with that process. 

The evidence available today proves a private foreign corporation controls nearly all aspects of our government (see: Historical Outline) and its relations.  Though that private foreign corporation’s actual name does not sound foreign at all, “The District of Columbia”, commonly known as “The United States Government” (hereinafter “Corp. U.S.”), its foreign nature is without question (see: the 13th point on said Historical Outline).  The evidence also demonstrates that generally, Corp. U.S. and its assigns execute their control within legal and lawful applications of their statutory codes as provided for through their contracts with their registered agents [S.S. cardholders] (see: Corp. U.S. Mythology, Myth 10).

Our national situation was caused by the ignorant actions of apathetic people that failed to learn either the facts or law related to contractual offers that they voluntarily signed/accepted; respectfully, the people (you) failed to use your constitutionally protected rights and the law to protect yourself or our Constitutional Republic form of government.

Within Team Law’s website, we hope to provide sufficient free information for you:

  1. To recognize these self-evident truths for yourself through your own efforts (nobody can do it for you);
  2. To show you what you can do to learn how to learn the law firsthand from its source; and,
  3. To you help learn how to apply what you so learn to help save yourself and our nation.

We also hope you will not simply trust us on these matters; but that, you will perform your own firsthand research and verify the evidence, then support our work with your supportive contributions and or participate with what you learn here to save yourself, our nation and our Constitutional Republic form of government from destruction.  Like the Founding Fathers of our nation that committed everything to securing our nation, our Trustee is leading by example: has donated over $2,000,000 to Team Law, has provided over 100,000 man/hours of hands on voluntary support and has not taken a single cent of pay for any service to Team Law.

Our prayers are with our nation, with its people and its leadership.  Especially at this time of threatened economic collapse, war and rumor of wars, we remind you of the words of the King of Kings when He admonished us to love our enemies.  Please, do all you can do to remove all hatred from your thoughts and heart.  Remember: we (all mankind) are all children of our Creator; and, He requires us to forgive all others of their trespasses.

When applicable, the individuals responsible for tragedies that avail us today, wherever they are, must be stopped by lawful means alone; and, in our endeavors to lawfully support that work, we must remember that such individuals, and their supporters, are individuals not races, religions or nations.  Remember, ancient prophets warned us that in these last days wars, we cannot take up conventional weapons of war; the only way to win such wars is to repent of our own errors and omissions, learn the law and apply it.  Thus, we must not only learn God's Law, but, man’s law as well.  And, to preserve our constitutions (national and state) we must learn them and use them and the laws that follow to reseat our government in its original Constitutional Republic form and jurisdiction.

Once we are again an honorable people living in accord with the laws, principles and way provided by our Creator (for me that is the King of Kings), and man’s law that follows, we will witness the tides turn in our favor.  May we all make that path our most important work and do our all to support it.

Eric Madsen, Trustee

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