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Message from Team Law's Trustee

Team Law is a private organization dedicated to preserving our nation through education in Law, History, Language and Finance.  That means, together we learn the truth and share what we learn within our society.  We verify what we learn from several confirmed sources before we act upon it and then we confirm the truth with positive action; only then do we create training materials for our society, some of which are available through our online store.

We are dedicated to the support of our government with fullness of mind, might, heart and strength; our allegiance above all is to God, to our families and to the principles defined in the Declaration of Independence.  We believe that the Constitution of the United States of America is an inspired document, designed and penned by devout men to form our government, a Constitutional Republic, and to limit it in accord with those principles to preserve the rights of the people and their sovereign nature.  We believe the fact that our Government and our Constitution are today hanging by a thread is self evident and that to save them we must learn the truth about our Law, our Government and our History; then we must legally, lawfully and honorably take appropriate action to preserve them.

The evidence available today proves a private foreign corporation controls nearly all aspects of our government and its relations.  Though that private foreign corporation’s name does not sound foreign at all, “The District of Columbia” commonly known as “The United States Government” (hereinafter “Corp. U.S.”), its foreign nature is without question.  The evidence also demonstrates that generally, Corp. U.S. and its assigns execute their control within legal and lawful applications of their statutory codes as provided for by their contracts with their registered cardholders as agents of the Corp. U.S.

Our situation was caused by our own ignorance and our own failure to protect our Constitutional Republic form of government.

Within this website we hope to provide sufficient information for you to recognize these truths for yourself and to show what you can do to help save our nation.  We also hope you will not simply trust us on these matters but that you will perform your own research and verify the evidence, then support our work with your contributions and or participation to save our nation and our government from destruction.  Myth 22 covers some of these matters quite well, so it would serve you well to read, study its subparts and learn how to take advantage of our situation today.  Team Law is ready to help you with that learning.

Our prayers are with our nation, with its people and its leadership.  Especially at this time of war and rumor of wars, we remind you of the words of the King of Kings when He admonished us to love our enemies.  Please, do all that you can do to remove all hatred from your thoughts and remember: we, all mankind, are children of our Creator and He requires us to forgive all others.  The individuals responsible for the tragedies that avail us today must be stopped through lawful means, wherever they are, and we must remember in our endeavors to stop them that these individuals, and their supporters, are individuals not races, religions or nations.  We remind you that ancient prophets have warned that in this war against our Republic we cannot take up conventional weapons of war; the only way to win this war is to repent of our errors and omissions, learn the law, reseat our government in its original Constitutional Republic jurisdiction and hold the violators accountable in accord with law.  Once we are again an honorable people living in accord with the principles the King of Kings gave us by example, we will witness the tides turn in our favor.  May we make that our most important work.

Eric Madsen, Trustee

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