Votescam: The Stealing of America is the title to a book where its authors tell the story of an independent journalistic investigation from 1970 to 1989 into election-stealing in Dade County, Florida.  The investigation discovered that ‘News Election Service’, now renamed ‘Voter News Service’, not only provides vote-counting poll coverage to the TV networks, but actually manipulates final election results, by confusing voters, intimidating officials and the media and actually tampering with ballots.

The existence of Voter News Service was revealed by Dan Rather during his reporting of the November 7, 2000 presidential election.  Voter News Service is responsible for causing the networks to call a victory for Gore while the polls were still open in western Florida, during the heaviest voting hours on the west coast of the U.S.; thus, discouraging Republican election workers and Republican voters from continuing to get the vote out; tipping the 2000 elections in California, Oregon and Washington to the left not only in the presidential race, but also in Congressional races and ballot initiatives.

Though the book points out obvious corruption in the voting system, its title has become an icon for such voter fraud, which was expanded by the devious introduction of electronic voting systems that leave no verifiable footprints or paper trail.  This is clearly not an oversight or mistake, but is the intentional introduction of equipment whose vote tallies can be altered before, during or after the election without any possibility of detection.  It is the nearly perfect crime, accountable only if officials were willing to investigate the fraud, which they have not been willing to do so far.

We are reminded of the California primary election where all of the voting precincts throughout the state showed the exact same number of voters voting for the incumbent republican congressional representative; in some presents that resulted in over 130% of the voters voting, which is obviously impossible.  When the matter was reported to the election committee and to the state Senate, neither would call of an investigation.

VoteScam investigators allege President Clinton was put in office due to VoteScam—they say, “just try to find people that voted for him for his first term in office.  The really scary part is not the allegation itself, rather it is the fact that we all know there is no way to prove the actual vote in such elections—the computers leave no voter verifiable trail.  That is exactly why we need the original Electoral College elections as was set by our Constitution.

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