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Control of Government

To understand how to control government we must first understand what our government is.  Once again, the United States of America is a nation of Sovereigns.  That means, Ďa nation of Kingsí.

From the beginning, the founding fathers (people) of our nation recognized that God gave them dominion, agency and possession then commanded them to be fruitful and multiply, replenish and subdue the earth.  Those three elements: dominion, agency and possession, constitute the very definition of sovereignty.  Respectively, by design, the people formed our government, to function of the people, by the people and for the people.  When I went to school, they still taught the part about: “of the people, by the people and for the people;” but, the part about the people being sovereign was already lost.  Since then, those that control the school system have completely eliminated the whole principle of “the people govern the government” from their curriculum.  In its place they have instilled the illusion the government is there to protect you.  Programs like D.A.R.E. go so far as to formally teach the students to be government agents policing their parents/guardians.  However, much was lost when the people stopped learning about our history.  Respectively, to learn how to control the government lawfully, we must first remember our history.

In the beginning, the King of Great Britain granted people freehold (Allodial) Title to the Land in America.  Thus, those people were granted freedom—the right of self government—the right of kings.  However, by the end of the French American War, Great Britain had almost taken control over the Americas through the contractual control of debts; both with the individual people and with the states.  And, Great Britain had begun unlawfully usurping governmental powers as if it were their right.  The 13 independent states responded by joining together to sign the Declaration of Independence; to stand against Great Britain’s unlawful attempts to take control over the governments.  The War of Independence compelled those 13 states to unite under Articles of Confederation.  However, the Articles of Confederation were significantly flawed (see: Articles of Confederation); largely because they were formed in a world made up of Monarchies; thus, under those Articles, the states were recognized as independent sovereign nation states; wielding the “collective sovereignty of the people” as if they were Kingdoms unto themselves—which was impossible, given that the people had not granted the government control over the independent peoples’ private freehold lands.  The central government had no power to: unite the states, settle disputes, set a standard of money or even to martial an army for defense of the nation.  When the War of Independence was over, the nation and the states were nearing bankruptcy; hard money was almost nonexistent anywhere in the nation, the people were literally starving and the government had no way to generate funds to pay the army.  Congress was left with no choice but to send the soldiers home with nothing but a worthless written promise that their pay for the previous four years would come.  The people made deals with banks, merchants and private capitalists to borrow grain (and seed) on the promise that they would repay with their crops (again there was no money available).  Before the year was over the lenders went to the state legislatures to have the laws changed to compel the people to repay their grain loans in hard money, regardless of their contractual agreements.  With the states’ shaky financial condition, and pressure from foreign lenders promising support if the legislation passed the bogus measures, the states changed the laws.  When harvest time came the banks refused to accept payment according to the terms of loans; the people could not sell their crops for hard money because there was no money to be found; so, the courts put the people in debtor’s prison and foreclosed on their farms.  Great Britain, France, Holland and Spain all stood by gobbling up cheap land from such foreclosures; yet they continued to hold their own ports closed to trade with American based ships; vying for who would be the kingdom that would pick up the pieces and become the new rulers over America, while the independent states battled each other over borders, tariffs and control of the rivers.

Something had to change or all would be lost.  Thatís when the Constitutional Republic was born.  Visionary men like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington and the like petitioned the states to send representatives to Annapolis then to Philadelphia with authority from the states to fix the problem.  The Governors and or State Legislatures of the individual states each sent deputies with authority to speak for their State.  Those deputies used a Trust Indenture (contract) called, The Constitution for the United States of America to form the government and unite the nation’s states under one controlling Law.  Under the new Constitution: the states were no longer recognized as independently sovereign, only the central government had the power to coin hard money and to regulate interstate commerce and foreign tariffs and trade; still the independent sovereign nature of the people was recognized along with their right to self government.  Our Constitutional Republic government was now governed by law with the responsibility to govern itself and the states according to specific limitations specified in the Law; it was not given power to govern the people.

Acting as Senators, under the Constitution, the founding deputies sat George Washington in the seat of the President of the Constitutional United States of America.  Note: they properly sat George Washington in that capacity, with their delegated authority, without a popular election.

Once the Constitutional Republic was created in trust and the President and Senators were seated, copies of the Constitution were distributed amongst the states for “ratification”.  It is very important that we understand what ratification was.  Could it have been that the individual States had to approve of the Constitution in order for it to have any affect?  No.  Ratification did not change the fact that the President and the Senate were already seated according to the Constitution.  It was that the each State had to recognize that they were giving up their Articles of Confederation alleged state sovereignty and all of their right and title to all of the unappropriated public lands within each respective State.  After that, the First Constitutional Congress was formed and the Bill of Rights was added to the former constitution to form The Constitution of the United States of America as a contract to which each officer of the Constitutional Republic must affirm an oath to uphold in order to serve in that office; and, thus our original jurisdiction government was formed.

However, today, what people generally see as the United States Government is not a government at all.  Instead, it is a private Ďmunicipal corporationí that was formed in, The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, for the purpose of carrying out the business needs of the actual government acting under martial law.  That corporation trademarked the names: United States, U.S., USA, and America.  We call that corporation: Corp. U.S.  They adopted their own constitution (The United States Constitution) as one of their charter documents.  It was identical to the national Constitution except that they dropped out the national 13th amendment (which amendment limited officers of government from raising themselves above the people), and renumbered the remaining amendments as the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to their Constitution of the United States.  That left their constitution with one less amendment than the national constitution.  They fixed that by adding their own 16th amendment without ratification.  To the corporation, ratification was not necessary; after all, they created their constitution, by adoption, in 1871.  What would keep them from doing the same thing with their corporate amendments?  Nothing.  In fact, in 1913, Corp. U.S. also adopted their 17th amendment (which designated that from then on Corp. U.S. Senators would be elected by popular vote).  The Constitution forbids the original jurisdiction Congress from any authority to change where Senators are elected; therefore, Corp. U.S.’ 17th amendment can only apply to Corp. U.S.

Between Corp. U.S.’ creation, in 1871, and their adoption of their 17th Amendment, in 1913, the original jurisdiction government’s members of Congress wore two hats; one for their original jurisdiction seat and one for their respective seat in Corp. U.S.’ congress.  However, in 1913, in accord with their adoption of their 17th Amendment, Corp. U.S. started to have their Corp. Senators elected by popular vote and the States stopped appointing Senators to the original jurisdiction government’s Congress; thus, removing Corp. U.S.í management relationship from its tie to the Republic and in effect forming what appears to be a distinctively separate ‘Democratic Oligarchy’; which, if it were the government, would be repugnant to the Lawís of this nation.

In 1944, under The Bretton Woods Agreement, codified at USC Title 22 § 286, Corp. U.S.’ treasury was, in effect, given to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as their individual drawing account; thus, giving the appearance of foreign control; however, Corp. U.S.’ President was also given the authority to control the IMF’s governors and general managers.

Thus, from 1917, our nationís original jurisdiction government (the Constitutional Republic) has been vacant.  Itís vacant because people have forgotten who they are.  Itís vacant because we forgot what Land ownership is.  Itís vacant because we stopped seating national Senators.  We forgot that Electors are, by definition, Land Owners.

Our nationís government is vacant; thus, to control our government we first have to re-seat it.  The first step to re-seating our government is understanding how it is lawfully seated.

The Constitution of the United States of America shows, the general popular vote of the people does not elect the President of this nationís government; the Electoral College does.  The Electoral College is made up of Electors.  After an election the Electoral College’s votes are physically counted, before Congress, by the President of the Senate and if the outcome of the election favors a President Elect that is not otherwise constitutionally limited from serving as President, Congress ratifies the election; and, on January 20th following the election, seats the new President.  If they do not ratify the election the Senate holds their own election and seats the President which may be of their own choosing.  Either way, the Senate always seats the President.

Now, what would happen if there was no Senate seated?  According to Law, the President cannot be seated except by the Senate.  In 1917, when President Wilson was reelected by the Electoral College, ⅓ of the original jurisdiction Senate had already been vacated and the new Corp. U.S. only senators had replaced them; respectively, because those Corp. U.S. only senators were allowed to participate in the ratification of the vote, the only capacity any member of that ratifying Congress could have exercised was their Corp. U.S. authority; thus, President Wilson was only ratified into his Corp. U.S. seat and the original jurisdiction government seat for the President of the United States of America went vacant.

The result of this history is what we all see happening today: in our modern world people think that Corp. U.S. is their government and they are contractually controlled by it with nearly no way out.  Corp. U.S. has legislatively ruled that the people of our nation are its enemies (the Trading with the Enemy Act).  There is even evidence of their own involvement in killing Presidents (Kennedy), killing people (the Weavers at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, the Seventh-Day Adventist Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas and thousands more) and participating in terrorism of the people (The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, The World Trade Center in New York, The Pentagon) so that they can justify things like: the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, the Homeland Security Act, starting wars around the World, tighten security/control over the people of our nation and ObamaCare.

Remember, this nation was created by the people as a Republic, a government controlled by Law (not one that controls law and the people by its whim).  Until the formation of Corp. U.S. the laws and statutes controlled the government not the people.  Now, Corp. U.S. and the Corp. States under its control create thousands of statutes every year specifically designed to destabilize (or systematically destroy) our economy and force the people to only act under their will and control.  Since W.W.II— the war against Fascism (settled by the Bretton Woods Agreement) — it seems like the thing most people think of as government became fascistic.  However, now that they have forced the new world of Homeland Security upon us and we started looking at our actual history we discovered that through the social security cardholder relationship Corp. U.S. has secured ownership and control over the people and their property; thus, the only step left for them to execute a complete takeover of the sovereign people and transference of government control under their own form of dictatorial communism is for the people to revolt with arms.  Make no mistake—that is their long range plan now coming into effect.

Where do we go from here?

The only legal, lawful and peaceful way out is to put our Constitutional Republic government back in place.  To do this we are re-seating the State governors [See our election map and page].  Once the Governors are in place (which will happen this year in November, 2013), they can re-seat any vacant seat.  The Governors will seat the Senators.  The Senate will seat the President.  The President will seat the original jurisdiction Supreme Court and then demand that Corp. U.S. pays back the money Corp. U.S. owes to the national government/people.  Corp. U. S. cannot pay (there is not enough money on the planet) and they are already bankrupt.  They have no legal or lawful choice but to recognize the original jurisdiction government as their owner, as the controller of Washington D.C. and as the national government.  We will have our nation with its Republic back under the control of Law and completely free of debt.  We then put our monetary system back in place and eliminate the state of emergency that has been maintained as the controlling force over the people since the Civil War.

There is also the alternative that from the pressure the people create upon our nation and upon Corp. U. S. to reveal the truth and to re-seat the original jurisdiction government, the corporation could legislate and or regulate themselves legitimately back into lawful elections of the original jurisdiction government and reassume our lawful original jurisdiction Constitutional Republic government.  We really donít care which way we get our nation back, so long as we get it back, and that our private sovereign rights to life, liberty and property are secured.

The question still remains, “How do you control government?”

Answer: This is a Republic.  In a Republic, government is controlled by Law.  That obviously means that government cannot control the Law.  The Law controls the government.  The people entrust government with sufficient ability/authority to deal with foreign governments and to assist the sovereign people with civil and criminal remedies against trespasses.  The people are thereby left alone to control their own lives, Land and property, as sovereigns with their own sovereign land secured by land patents, against any kind of encroachment.  And, when the government fails to follow the law, the people must use the Law to limit the government to the authority the people provided them in the first instance.  Respectively, if the people do not know the law well enough to so control the government,they must first learn the law.  Team Law is well suited to help the people learn the law; for, that is exactly what we do.  We help people learn how to learn the law firsthand from its source.

May we see it through to the end.

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