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Excerpts from “Family Ties”

WARN Vol. 1 Issue 1a July 4, 1997 p. 10 (order info)

My sister-in-law lives in Utah in a very conservative community wherein most of the people place a stringent guard over the sacred union between husbands, wives, and children.  Yet in that community, in 1996 my sister-in-law's natural born son came home from school shortly after he left the house in the morning.  On his way to school he'd been beaten up by a bully and ran home.  His mother called the school to inform them that her son would not be in to school that day, relating the reason why.  The receptionist said she'd have the principal call in about a half hour because he was in a meeting that would last that long.

About 20 min later, there was a knock at the front door.  It was the principle.  He demanded she bring her son to the door or he would call the police and have her arrested and he would have her declared an unfit mother.  Out of fear she got her son.

The principal said, ‘During school hours you are not his mother or guardian, the state is his parent.’  The principle then took her son back to school with him.

My sister-in-law went to the school board that day and filed paperwork requiring her son be home schooled.

The next day she kept her son home and about an hour after school started there was a knock at the door.  It was the principal again demanding entry.  This time he had a social worker and the police with him and he was intent on having her whole family removed from her as an unfit mother.

She refused their entry and showed the social worker the documents from the school board which proved that the state determined she was competent sufficient to home school her son.

Disappointed by the facts the intruders left.

In America, people with children are usually married — with a corporate state granted marriage license.  (One might ask, “If this is the land of the free and if marriage is ordained of God, why would people need a license from the State to be married?”)

Now, everybody knows that a license is permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal;


Whereas it is not otherwise illegal to be married under common or natural law; and,
Whereas the only other reason it would be unlawful for two consenting adults to be married is if they were incompetent;

Therefore, if a couple goes to “the state” and asks the state for a license, where there is no other reason for them to need a license other than incompetence, in law, those requesting a license must be incompetent because that is the only reason they could need a license.

Now, one must ask, “When a bride and groom are incompetent to be married without a state license and that state grants that license, Who is responsible for the marriage?”

Answer: The state.

Who is responsible for anything created in such a licensed marriage?

Answer: The state.

And, what, typically, is the only thing created in such a marriage?

Answer: Children.

So I ask you, “Who do the children created in a state licensed marriage belong to?”

Answer: They belong to the state.

If you don't believe it, the check out the evidence:

Evidence #1 - The state social services stand their authority on a doctrine called: “Parens Patriae” which is Latin for “parent of the country”.  In modern usage parens patriae is understood to mean, “the state is the parent”.

Evidence #2 - When U.S. doctors deliver children from the womb they are required to create a document known as a : Record of Live Birth.

Is it given to you?


You're given a: Birth Certificate.

So, what happens to the Record of Live Birth?


And what is that?

It is a sub-department of the "DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE".


It is where the US keeps track of its possessions.

This evidence indicates that the state is declaring the children their possession at birth.

Evidence #3 - New statutes require the hospital to effectively assign Social Security Numbers to each child before birth, with or without the natural parents signature or permission.

Evidence #4 - Why are each of the childbirth performing hospitals in the US registered as ports of entry when virtually none of them have incoming foreigners?

Evidence #5 - Watch the social workers and their relations with children born under marriage licenses.

It's Scary. It's proof of the war. It's fulfillment of Biblical prophesy. And if we don't do something to change things we'll have no promise from the King of Kings (other than judgment).

Want to learn what to do?

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