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To make a Donation click this link: 


To make a purchase follow these instructions:

First, please print our “Order Form”

In order to get our order form simply click this button: Click this button to download the Team Law Order Form.

Second, fill out your printed Order Form.

Third, if you want to complete your order by direct mail or by courier (FedEx, UPS, etc.)
simply fill out the order form and send the appropriate amount including any donation, the proper price, plus all applicable shipping and handling charges shown on the Order Form.  Choose an appropriate payment method (preferably Postal Money Order, we also accept other money orders, cash, checks, gold and/or silver coin), place it with your order in the envelope, and send it to the address shown on the Order Form.
(Please notice: gold or silver coin payments are calculated at current exchange rates and may have an extra 3% handling fee.)

Fourth, if you want to complete your order over the Internet:
All online payments are made through PayPal.
Please note all Internet orders have at least a 3.5% handling charge added.

If you want to use a Credit Card, Debit Card or an e-Check: click the PayPal button below
(many PayPal users considered PayPal as the most secure way to pay for anything, it is considered far more secure than using a check or credit card to make live purchases in a gas stations, restaurants or stores).
To use PayPal, note the total amount due from your Team Law Order Form and click on the following icon then follow the instructions:

Fifth, once you have completed your order and processed your payment please notify our Fulfillment Office via private message to confirm the content of your order.  As soon as the processing center you chose completes processing your payment to our account, we will fulfill your order.  Though Internet payment solutions bare handling costs, they are nearly instantaneous and can substantially speed up delivery of your order.  In house we can fill most orders with a one to two day turn around time.  That means that when you get an Internet order funded your order can actually be shipped to you that same day.

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