Regarding the events of September 11, 2001

When we saw the photographs and videos of the impact site on the Pentagon, we immediately knew something was wrong with the story provided to the public.  We began to have questions that need answers.  Some of those questions follow; along with some other questions that automatically pop-up as a result of reviewing the irrefutable facts available to anyone willing to look at them.  After looking at the photographs (linked here, photo1 photo2) ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How does a Boeing 757 create a significantly smaller diameter hole in the side of the Pentagon than the fuselage of the Boeing 757 and yet not break the window glass on the side of the building where the tail (47' tall) and wings (100' wide) of the aircraft had to have been if the hole was caused by a Boeing 757?
  2. How does such a crash leave neither marks on the building nor broken windows where the huge jet engines would have to have impacted if the damage on the pentagon was caused by a Boeing 757?
  3. How could a Boeing 757 crash into the Pentagon and leave no evidence of a 757 on the scene?
  4. How does a Boeing 757 have the force necessary to both pulverize the entire aircraft on impact with the Pentagon and still have enough force remaining to blast at least a seven foot diameter hole all the way through three separate bunkerized rows of buildings in the Pentagon?
  5. Why were all of the public and private video recordings that recorded the impact with the Pentagon confiscated immediately after the disaster?
  6. Where are all of those recordings now?
  7. Why have the private recordings not been returned to their rightful owners?
  8. Why were the Pentagon defense systems offline at the time of the impact?
  9. If the aircraft that hit the World Trade Center towers were from American Airlines and United Airlines, why weren’t they painted like all of the other airliners in the respective Airlines’ fleets?
  10. If the aircraft that hit the World Trade Center towers were from American Airlines and United Airlines, why didn’t they have passenger windows like all of the other airliners in the respective Airlines’ fleets?
  11. The missing aircraft from American Airlines and United Airlines were Boeing 757’s; so, why don’t the aircraft that hit the towers have the same fuselage design as the Boeing 757?
  12. If there were 19 terrorists on the hijacked aircraft as the FBI claim, why do the Airlines’ manifests show 19 fewer passengers than the FBI report and why are all of the people on the passenger manifests for the airliners accounted for and none of them were any of the 19 alleged terrorists?
  13. If all of the 19 alleged hijackers were on the hijacked airliners and all of the people on those airliners are dead, then how did at least seven of those alleged terrorists survive, some of whom had never even been in the United States?
  14. How do cell phone signals get out of an airliner bathroom when the room is lined with aluminum (effectively forming a Faraday Shield that blocks all radio signals)?
  15. How do you get clear reception from vintage cell phones that can neither track calls at the speed or altitude of the airliners?
  16. How do you get the World Trade Center towers to fall faster than large freefalling solid debris blown out of the towers from the initial explosions?
  17. How does #1 diesel fuel (jet fuel) get metal so hot that it remains molten (in a liquid state) in the elevator shafts (over 100 floors below the crash site) weeks after the buildings collapsed?
  18. Whereas the available photographic, video and physical evidence prove the aircraft that hit the Towers were neither American Airlines nor United Airlines airliners; and whereas, the evidence from the Pentagon’s damage proves no airliner hit the Pentagon, the question remains, “What happened to the missing airliners and the people that were on them?”

In the face of these questions, we wonder how either the media or the congressional reports alleging foreign terrorists perpetrated these events can be true.  Only high government officials have the capacity to cover-up such massive events.  We therefore wonder how events of such massive scale could have been arranged for without the assistance of such high government officials.  These questions beg others, like:

  1. “What really happened?” 
  2. “Who are the terrorists that ordered these events, made them possible and carried them out?”
  3. “Who purposefully covered up, and continues to cover up, the facts?
  4. “Considering what followed the 9/11/2001 disaster (the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, the Homeland Security Act, congressional support for otherwise unwarranted wars, and that which continues to follow), are those that used the events of 9/11/2001 to inspire such unconstitutional acts and actions the same persons that either covered up or caused the events of that fateful day?”
  5. What is being done to answer any of these questions?

Finally, we wonder what it will take for the people to finally peacefully and lawfully say, “No more!”

We wonder what it will take for the people to lawfully compel the truth from Corp. U.S. officials, the media and the airlines.  We know the people can lawfully compel it, but they can only compel it if they first at least learn the Law (which is nothing more than we were already required to do without any of these events).

When the facts show a conspiracy exists, it is no longer a “Conspiracy Theory”; the facts show the terrorist attacks upon the United States of America did not come from where we were led to believe by the government and the media.  Thus, the Conspiracy is a certainty — it is targeted against the American people.  The powers of governance are at least involved in the cover-up — keeping the truth from the people.  The Conspiracy can destroy our nation and it is certainly destroying our Liberty.  Only learning the law and applying it to discover the truth can prevent further damage to our nation.  Discovering the truth is individually up to you; you must begin by learning the law—Team Law can help you learn how.

The millennium can be ushered in in peace and prosperity if the people are willing; we must first awaken to the truth and repent of our failure to learn and obey the Law of the King of Kings and the laws of man then we must use the law to insure that the governments we form also remain true to the law.

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