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Team Law has no right to make recommendations, to give counsel or advice and we never do.
Team Law is purely an educational organization; however, even in that function, Team Law is unique; in that, we do not directly educate—instead, we are a self-help organization that inspires people to educate themselves through their own firsthand experience of studying and learning the law, its history and language from its actual sources.
Even if there were sufficient information for us to give advice, we would never say what you, or anyone else, should do.

We believe that giving or receiving and acting upon advice is basically immoral.

We find the following facts are self-evident:

In light of these facts, it would at least be foolish to rely on someone else’s advice.  To understand the moral nature of advice, we look at it this way:  Imagine someone standing before he King of Kings at their final judgment; and, imagine that they are not comfortable with the concept that they are going to be required to account for their entire lives; so, they brought a professional attorney to present their case.  At the opening of the review the attorney begins to speak; but, the King of Kings turns to the attorney and according to scripture, He says: “Get thee hence, I know thee not.”  The attorney turns, looks at the person he came to represent, shrugs his shoulders and leaves.  Realizing the gravity of the situation the person says: “But God, didn’t I do all of these good things in your name?  Didn’t I heal the sick, raise the dead and spread your word amongst the people?”  To which the King of Kings responds: “Get thee hence you knew me not!” And, the interview is over.

We realize this little story is paraphrased from Biblical scripture; however, we believe it well describes the situation magnified to a level that anyone can all see the point.  The fact is, when you enter a court, even if you hire the best attorney and he pleads your case exquisitely, at the end of the day, civilly or criminally, the attorney does not pay the price, you do.  There is no relief due to your reliance on other’s opinions or work.  Regardless of the outcome, you still have to pay the price.

Knowing this we believe if a person gives advice they imply full comprehension of the given situation (which they most likely do not have), they imply their opinion will best sway accountability; which, they cannot do; or, they imply that their opinion bares weight upon accountability; which, it can not.  Therefore, we believe that giving advice is immoral.
(This opinion says nothing of a father’s responsibility to teach his children; which, is best done by good example.  Notice that a father’s opinion does affect accountability, up to a certain age and ability in his children; wherefore, a father’s advice and counsel, wisely given, is not only moral but is also necessary.  The same thing generally goes for properly applied ecclesiastic counsel; for the same reasons that apply to a father.)

In taking advice from another, one implies that they accept the accountability of the other person and that they would apply that to themselves; which, thing cannot be done.  Accountability never shifts like that; or, they imply that they cannot discover the truth and/or bare the burden of such discovery in time to account for themselves; both of which are either false or irrelevant.  At the time of judgment such as these will often attempt to focus blame on those that gave assistance or advice; doing so, or failing to take appropriate timely action to stand accountable, is immoral.

For these reasons we never give advice.  We never give counsel.  We only provide an opportunity to learn what others have learned and made available from our own experiences.  All of our services are provided for educational purposes only and then only in the process of inspiring people to do their own study and research (as noted above).  Each Team Law Beneficiary, when nominated, recognizes this by written agreement prior to receiving their Team Law Beneficiary Endowment; or, the endowment is not granted.

We hope this information is helpful to you; and that, if you are resolved to seek advice, you must take your pursuit elsewhere.  Even then we hope you choose your sources wisely and first verify that they are reliable; for in the end, you will still be responsible!

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