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Special Events, like unique appearances on radio, TV, rallies, conventions, etc. are posted bellow:

There are no currently scheduled events.

To schedule events, follow the information at the bottom of this page.

The following remain available from FreedomFest 2021. 

FreedomFest Forum Articles

This three part series of articles was provided to help FreedomFest 2021 attendees better understand the necessity for learning both history and law to maintain any hope of Liberty.  The series of articles are titled after the FreedomFest 2021 theme: “Healthy, Wealthy & Wise”.  Notice that each of the following three parts focuses on a different aspect of the theme. 

On, Thursday (5/13/21), The FreedomFest Forum published:

Are you Healthy, Wealthy & Wise?
Part 1—Being Healthy
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This article asks you three important questions then answers only the first: “Who are you?”  Because it’s impossible to be truly healthy in mind, body and spirit if you don't know who (or where) you are, this first part focuses on the Prevailing Mythology to which, virtually every American has fallen prey.  Because the articles are limited to about 1200 words, they're presented in brief with a few evidentiary links.  The articles are presented to give you a little insight into Team Law, our Trustee and to inspire you to begin learning our actual history and law.

On, Thursday (6/11/21), The FreedomFest Forum published:

Are you Healthy, Wealthy & Wise?
Part 2—Being Wealthy
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This article answers the three questions posed in the first article, then reviews the effects of the Prevailing Mythology and asks, "What happened?"  It compares a bit of mythology (that's taught in schools as history) to elements of actual history most people should know but don't remember correctly.

On, Thursday (7/8/21), The FreedomFest Forum published:

Are you Healthy, Wealthy & Wise?
Part 3—Being Wise
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To be Wise, you have to first understand the truth about: who you are, where you are, what your resources are and what your desired outcome is.  If you now understand the basis of the Prevailing Mythology (see: Part 1) you should know that you are not a social security cardholder; you are a descendant inherent heir of eternal parents (Elohim).  If you read Part 2 you likely now understand the distinction between your holding assets and the cardholder holding assets.  In this Part, we give you examples of wisely applying the law and its result.

To Schedule Events

To schedule such events or to invite Team Law to participate in an Event you are affiliated with.  Please call Team Law and schedule an appearance or training event.

Like with our conference calls, the scope of such events can be anything within scope of Team Law’s support services; for example:
     What is happening in America today, how we got here and what we can do about it;
     The Call to Action—Phase III, Operation Clean Sweep.
     Also learn about: Law, Taxes, Land Patents, Political systems, asset protection systems,
          proper exercise of personal and business capacities;
     Learn the Divine and Sovereign Right of Land Ownership, property stewardship and control;
     Learn what the social security system is, how it works and how to use it without it jeopardy;
     Learn how to live free; legally and lawfully;
     Learn how you can live in honor of your beliefs and in accord with God’s law,
          even in today’s modern world;
     Learn how to be successful in virtually any aspect of your life;
     Learn how self-controlled asset protection systems work the Way of Kings™ way.

Contact us when you are interested in setting up an Event!

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We schedule local meetings
by appointment only.

Anyone having an interest in hosting a local meeting or in participating in a local meeting should contact Admin on our Open Forum.

If you want us to come to your local meeting we can schedule such meetings.
The cost for setting up such meetings is all logistic expenses must be paid up front;
that means you have to pay for our gasoline and travel expenses before we can come;
such expenses vary according to where you are located and how long the training will take.
We always video record our meetings.

General topics of meetings:
     Land, Law, Living Gospel through ancient scripture, History (ancient and current),
       Taxes and how to avoid them, Political systems, asset protection systems,
       Language (Linguistic systems and their neurological effect—NLP);
     Learn the Divine and Sovereign Right of Land Ownership, property stewardship and control;
     Learn the true History of Land Ownership and Land Patents in America;
     Learn the Purpose, History, Power, and Application of Land Patents;
     Learn what the Social Security system is and how it really works;
     Learn how to live tax free;
     Learn how to win in court by learning how apply law in the court system;
     Learn how to apply and enforce our nation's original jurisdiction government today;
     Learn how to win our nation back by reseating our original jurisdiction government;
     Learn how to live the way you believe;
     Learn how self-controlled asset protection systems work The Way of Kings™ way.

We also present custom designed hands-on training tailored to your needs.

If you would like to have a meeting, or to be considered for a meeting, in your area on our next tour, please contact us with your interest through this contact link:

Button linked to send Team Law’s Forum’s Admin a private message.

The costs necessary to hosting a local meeting with Team Law's Trustee are:
     You must provide for all of our Trustee's logistic expenses (that is: fuel, lodging, meals, venue, etc.).
     We drive to all such meetings; so, fuel expenses include all such travel related expenses.

To justify holding such a local meeting you usually need to confirm 100 or more participants will be in attendance.

Most planners of such meetings usually charge $39.00 per person; which translates to $3,900.00 in proceeds to cover all such costs; thus, planning such meetings to cover at least a three hour meeting on Friday night followed by a day long meeting on Saturday costs little more than an evening meeting alone.

For further information, please contact our office using the information found on the Contacting Team Law page. 
Thank you.

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