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Original Jurisdiction/Constitutional Republic form of Government

The Teal bars indicate which states hold regular gubernatorial elections this year.

The Original Jurisdiction Gubernatorial Election of 2020

2014 audio: Election Instructions — may be helpful for current election.
States with a dash after the State name are not yet updated, Please with updates

Legend: to the leading colored dots in chart above::
  • Black 
  • = Prior Governor seated / latest election not confirmed
  • Green 
  • = Governor seated
  • White
  • = term limited Governor vacating office (need candidate)
  • Red
  • = Governor seat is vacant, with no new candidate yet
  • 2020
  • = Teal background shows states up for election this year

    The 2020 Election:

    This year, 11 states are up for election in their normal gubernatorial election year cycle: Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North�Carolina, North�Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington and West�Virginia.  It is imperative that we elect and seat original jurisdiction governors in each of these three states this year!  This year�s election is November 3, 2019.  7 more original jurisdiction governors’ seats still need to be elected this year in special elections caused by office vacancies; and, so far, we haven't heard from candidates for those states or reports from elections in those states in the most recent years.  In the corporate state elections, this year, there are also 12 gubernatorial seats in the race.  The difference between the number of governors seats in their election and the seats available in the original jurisdiction election is, the original jurisdiction states have some holdover states that either did not successfully seat governors in their seats in the previous years’ elections or they did not report their results.

    Thus, we hope you can see how important it is that you participate in the annual gubernatorial election to seat a governor in each of the available seats.  If you�re wondering what you can do to help right now, you can click on a State listed above and notice whether it had an original jurisdiction governor; if it doesn't, see if you know anyone living in that State.  If you do, or If you are available to so serve, please contact Team Law and let us know: call us or send Admin a private message.

    It is imperative that we all continue to work to find candidates for each State!

    To complete the process of seating the national government A.S.A.P., we must first reseat the state governors!

    We track the respective State elections by verifying that electors from each State follow the respective State Constitutions and laws to elect and seat their gubernatorial candidate.  Then, in the post 2020 election period, we will confirm whether each of the governors were properly elected and seated. 

    Respectively, because: currently seated Governors can appoint vacant seats; and, there were six states that came up to the 2020 election without reporting their gubernatorial candidates, we still need your help to find a Candidate for Lieutenant Governor in each of the above States that does not have a Green dot in front of it.  As we confirm those appointments, we will adjust the above table accordingly.

    We use the colored dot system to provide you with at-a-glance convenience; because it is important to support the original jurisdiction election and your time and effort are important to us all.  Respectively, we admonish you to monitor the color of the dots and help us make sure we maintain a Governor in every State.  That means that if you don’t see a Green dot in front of a State’s name, there is work for you to do to help the people, follow the letter of the law to reseat our original jurisdiction government; and, thus, save the nation.

    You need to support this and share this necessity with your friends!!!

    We need all of the governors, candidates and potential candidates to contact Team Law’s Trustee for training to help us reunite our nation into its original jurisdiction government and through it save the nation.

    Historical Review:

    In 1993 we discovered the original jurisdiction State governors’ seats were vacated; because the states had formed corporate entities that provided greater power and control over the people.  Thus, I (Eric William Madsen) ran for office in Colorado; and, in 1994, I was elected Governor by Colorado’s Electors.  I lawfully accepted the election and was seated in the original jurisdiction Governor’s seat.  At that same time, Roy Romer was elected as Governor of the more commonly recognized private corporation known as, “The State of Colorado” (Corp. State).  The Corp. State courts then started to subpoena me to come and testify as Governor of the original jurisdiction Republic State “Colorado”.  I responded to most those subpoenas and so testified.  After finding it next to impossible to beat us in court, the Corp. State’s sub-corporation, for Arapaho County, determined that if they could get funding from the United States Congress they could possibly beat us.

    In a separate legal action we secured all of the documents and records (receipts, etc.) regarding their representatives’ trip to Congress.  A review of those records showed, Congress sent the matter to the National Security Council who handed all of the records over to the Military’s Joint Chiefs for review.  About two weeks later, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs responded to the the open Council: “What Governor Madsen is doing out their in Colorado is legal, lawful and correct; and, if they accomplish what they have set out to do we will recognize that President of The United States of America as the President of The United States of America, Commander in Chief of the military and give them full military support.”  Though the National Security Council is purely an advisory committee, having no legislative or judicial effect, the fact remains—they recognized the truth and responded with it to Congress; who sent the supplicants away without funding.  After that, the Corp. State started to leave us alone.  The Corp. State (with its Governor’s Office, Senate, courts and Department of Revenue), the United States 10th District Court, the United States Congress, the United States National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs (of the United States of America’s military) all recognized, reviewed and accepted my election as the original jurisdiction Governor of Colorado.

    After serving as Colorado’s original jurisdiction Governor for four years, I was lawfully appointed, by the Governor, to the United States of America’s original jurisdiction Senate; so, in the final hour, as Governor, I retired from the Governor’s Office having served a full term.  The next original jurisdiction Governor of Colorado, Robert Shell, followed me into Office; and, confirmed my appointment to the original jurisdiction Senate.

    From around the country, as of November 5th, 2013, all 48 Governors have since been elected in their respective offices.  Other Senators were seated, as I was, and I was elected by them as the original jurisdiction Senate’s President pro tempore; in which office I still serve.

    Still, now that the governors are all reseated, we have work enough to do in the gigantic task of reseating our nation’s original jurisdiction Congress; followed by reseating the original jurisdiction President.  In the coming year's election (2016) we hope to complete the task!

    Because the Constitution provides that a State Governor can appoint and seat vacant seats for that State in the nation’s Senate; and, because the original jurisdiction Senate can seat a vacant seat of their President of the United States of America (which has not been done since 1913), the next step necessary to reseat our nation’s government is reseat the original jurisdiction Congress.

    Until I was elected, the States had not had original jurisdiction governors seated since at least 1968.  The main reason you see the problems our nation faces today is the people have forgotten what our actual government is and they instead act as if these private foreign controlled corporations (Corp. U.S. and the Corp. States) are their government.  It’s why the States are not using our national money system.  It’s why we are caught up in wars and rumors of war.  It is why Corp. U.S. is exactly following the pattern set in Adolf Hitler’s Germany, most recently by setting up a national personal identification system and the “Homeland Security Police” system after the pattern of Hitler’s “State Security Police” the dreaded SS! It is why the Corp. U.S. Congress seated Barrack Øbama as their president even though he is not a natural born Citizen and cannot qualify for the office.

    Therefore, as the nation’s sovereign landowners, to preserve our nation we must learn and follow the law to reseat our original jurisdiction government and take America back!!!

    The results will be:  All federal personal and corporate income taxes will cease!  We will go back on the gold and silver monetary standard (which the nation never left but Corp. U.S. did).  The alleged National Debt will be ended and what is owed to us will be returned.  The regime operated by Corp. U.S., which they call a Democracy but it is actually communism, will be peacefully and lawfully brought back under the control of our national Republic’s original jurisdiction government and our constitutional laws.  This will happen when Corp. U.S. is brought back into our nation’s ownership and control.  The real national government will be reset on our Constitution.  All of your rights will once again be recognized and secured.  Private Land will once again be secure to the individual sovereign nature of the people as their own private kingdoms.  And, we will have our nation back!

    If you are from anywhere in The United States of America and you are willing to help us with this national push to seat and restore our original jurisdiction government, please contact us and let us know how you can help.  Click here to help!

    Original Jurisdiction Republic State Gubernatorial Elections Map

    Interactive United States Map

    For information about the Governor of a state, click on that state’s name.

    Original Jurisdiction Constitutional Republic Presidential Elections

    Contrary to what sometimes appears to be a popular opinion (that the President is elected by the popular vote of the registered voters, from the beginning of this Constitutional Republic, the President of the United States of America has always been elected by the Electoral College.  The Electoral College is made up of Electors from each State.  In the original jurisdiction, Electors from each State are selected by the State's Electors in their local Congressional District caucus meetings.  Each such local caucus group holds and election for both the nation’s President and their (that caucus’) delegated Elector that will carry their vote to the Electoral College.  We are now working on filling the Electoral College by finding at least one adult landowner in each congressional district throughout the United States.

    However, the Electoral College cannot seat again until 2024; and we need to reseat our original jurisdiction President as soon as possible.  Thankfully, because Corp. U.S. failed to follow their constitution’s mandate that Congress can only seat a “natural born Citizen” as their President; and, because Corp. U.S.’ Congress seated Kamala Harris (who is not a natural born Citizen), each member of that Congress is now subject to removal from office through a Quo Warranto action.  Thus, we have a perfect opportunity to groom new congressmen for the original jurisdiction government by helping them learn how to bring the requisite Quo Warranto actions needed to sweep Corp. U.S. clean of congresspersons that fail to honor their Oath of Office and follow the Constitution’s mandates.

    Accordingly, we need your help getting the job done.  We need to find people in each Congressional District that are willing to send the necessary Quo Warranto request letter to Corp. U.S’s Attorney General.  A link to a sample copy of such a letter is found in paragraph “e.” at the bottom of our forum’s  Call to Action—2021 article.

    Without revealing any private information, we will do our best to verify all elections reported to us and periodically publish election results we can verify on this page.

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