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Communication Guidelines

Keys to getting the most out of your relation with Team Law

The following keys to communication with an organization like Team Law were developed from experience in education.  We find that some people are so interested in sharing what they know that they get involved with educators merely for the dialog; though we appreciate their wisdom, they need to be aware that we did not come to them for education, they came to us.  In education the educator must have the ability to educate using their skills to the best of their abilities and that can be hindered if the following guidelines are not followed:

First, regardless of your Team Law beneficiary status, if you are not qualified for the Success Network, you will not have the opportunity of working directly with our Trustee.

Second, Team Law never does your work for you.

Third, we don't like to repeat ourselves; so, we expect people will call us using a speaker phone and a tape recorder (or other phone recording system) to record the call.  All of our communication, written work, editorial reviews, training materials, etc. are copyrighted by us only; wherefore, such recordings are always protected by our copyrights and are reserved from sharing with anyone outside of Team Law.

Fourth, to that end, our copyrights are vigorously protected, please respect them.  Copyright violations will at least result in the cancellation of any related Team Law Beneficiary Endowment.

Fifth, you called us asking for our help with your education; so, it is only fair that you listen to us when we respond to you.  You must allow us to help you the best way we know how, without criticism of our method.  It is likely that our side of any communication will consume most of our time together.  This should be recognized as a good thing and you should take advantage of it.  We always do all we can to help.

Sixth, that means, when we interrupt you with words like, “Hold on”, “Wait a moment”, “Stop”, etc., you must stop and allow our input.  This necessity is recognized in almost any educational environment.

Seventh, these guidelines are not a two way street, though, we may honor such requests from you, they are expected to remain at a minimum and to stop if requested.  In educational situations it is far more important that the student allow the educator to exercise their experience and do what they do than that people have the opportunity to have pleasant conversations with, or instruct, the instructor.

Eighth, Team Law never gives advice or counsel of any kind; our services are educational only.

We hope these guidelines will help you understand how to get the most of your experience with Team Law.

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