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Donald Trump Announcement Transcript:

Israel and Sudan Agree to Normalize Relations

The following is part of an October 23rd transcript of journalists asking President Donald Trump about the newly negotiated "normalizing agreement" between Israel and Sudan; to answer the journalists’ questions President Trump speaks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu over speaker phone to announce the agreement between Sudan and Israel to describe what "normalize diplomatic relations" are.

President Trump: “Peace. So that’s official and that’s nice. Yeah, we have at least five that want to come in, and we’ll have many more than that very soon.”

Journalist: “When you say “want to come in,” you mean?”

President Trump: “Want to come into the deal.  In other words, yeah, part of the peace deal.”

Journalist: “You said Saudi Arabia?”

President Trump: “You know what it’s costing the United States?  Nothing, nothing.  It’s so nice. Isn’t that nice?  I say nothing.  Why should we be paying?  We’re settling peace.  It’s like Kosovo and Serbia.  You look at what’s happened there. We’re doing a trade deal, BB, two trade deals. They were killing each other all the time for 25 years. Right? Much longer than that. I said, “Wait a minute. We’re doing trade with each country. Why don’t we just settle it up, so you don’t have to kill each other?” They were so happy. They were so happy. So we settled a deal.  We do a lot of things that people don’t know about, fellas. Any other questions for me about this?”

Journalist: “President Trump, can you just walk us through what “normalize relations” means?”

President Trump: “Bibi, do you want to give that, what normalized relationship, what it really means and what it means to you? Go ahead, Bibi.”

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Yeah, I’ll give you an example. It’s really mind-boggling. Okay? A few days ago, I wanted to import an iPhone. There was a ship, a huge ship, container ship, that came in from the Emirates. Okay? Second container ship. The first one was a week earlier. So these were the first container ships coming from the free trade area in Dubai, coming to Isso. They had consumer goods there. They had actually washing machines. Okay, that’s bringing down the price, the cost of living for the citizens of Israel right away.
So first, it’s trade. Okay? Then Israelis could never fly east. I mean, we had to go around the Red Sea, really around the Arabian Peninsula. It would take us hours to get anywhere, let alone to get into the Arabian Peninsula, because we didn’t have any relation to there. Now people are planning. There are now guide … tourism offices from Israel, all these tourism agents, flocking to Abu Dhabi and Dubai and Bahrain.
They’re now just loaded with requests from Israeli and, believe it or not, the other way around Bahrainis and Emiratis who want to come to Israel. So you have tourism. You have trade. Tourism, technology, entrepreneurs, everything. The same thing is going to happen with the Sudan. We’re going to have … Each of us has what it has to offer the other. It changes the lives of people.
Exactly as you said, Mr. President, we’re not engaging in bloodshed. We’re not engaging in antagonism. We’re engaging in cooperation for the present and the future. It’s not a distant vision. It’s not a distant dream. We’re actually seeing the fruits of peace right now in these days, days after signing these agreements. I think we’ve never seen anything like this.
I want to say the one thing that I do see, an enthusiasm from most countries in the world, for most people in the world, across the political divide. Yeah, Iran is unhappy. Hezbollah is unhappy. Hamas is unhappy, but most everybody else is very happy. They should be because peace is a group thing. It’s a very good thing. So if you ask me, “What does it feel like? It’s amazing and it’s fast.”

President Trump: “They’re also poor. Iran is poor. Hamas is poor. They’re all poor. They weren’t poor three years ago. They were blowing everything up. They’re very poor. Do you think Sleepy Joe could have made this deal, BB, Sleepy Joe? Do you think he would’ve made this deal somehow? I don’t think so.

Benjamin Netanyahu: “Well, Mr. President, one thing I can tell you, is we appreciate it the help for peace from anyone in America. We appreciate what you’ve done enormously.”

This is a brief part of a much longer telephone conversation between the President, Israel’s Prime Minister and the Journalists.  However, our point here was to express this new event in the Middle-East and to review what “normalized relationships” means in the new means as President Trump has negotiated peace in the Middle-East.

Congratulations President and all of those involved in bringing more peace to the world—“Blessed are the peace makers for they shall see God.”  (Christ’s sermon on the mount.)


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