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Steps to secure a Land Patent:

We present the following in the hope that you will educate yourself with the truth and prepare yourself to stand as Electors; as our forefathers and the founding fathers of this nation did, with your Land, Liberty and Rights intact. Though there are many purveyors of information about land patents on the internet most of those purveyors mix fact with fiction regarding the use of the same implying nefarious purposes for the use of land patents.  The simple fact remains through it all: “The Land Patent is the Title to the land.”  Respectively, given that, in the terms of said founding fathers, an “Elector” is by definition “a landowner”.  This article is about Team Law’s Land Patent Sandwich service; which service we provide for the sole purpose of discovering who the electors are; so, we can help the people restore our original jurisdiction government back into their vacant seats to save the nation.

The Land Patent is the Title to land (and initially to the property appurtenant to the land).  By definition a Land Patent is the only form of proof of absolute title to land in the United States of America.  “A patent is the highest evidence of title and is conclusive as against the government and all claiming under junior patents or titles”  U.S. v. Stone 2 US 525.  The patented “grant of land is a public law standing on the statute books of the State, and is notice to every subsequent purchaser under any conflicting sale made afterward.”  Wineman v. Gastrell  2 U.S. App. 581. “Congress has the sole power to declare the dignity and effect of titles emanating from the United States; and the whole legislation of the Federal Government, in reference to the public lands, declares the patent the superior and conclusive evidence of legal title;”  Langdon v. Sherwood,  124 U.S. 74, 84.  Land patents are granted to the named party and to their heirs and assigns forever.  Therefore, to secure ownership of land you must have a proper “Chain of Title” that secures your landownership to a properly assigned underlying land patent; or you could lose what you thought was your land in a land contest.  The following steps are the steps we follow to secure documents to accomplish this.  We use our copyrighted forms; which we cannot publish here because there are so many unscrupulous and/or ignorant people that would use these forms incorrectly; and, thus, possibly jeopardize the process.  Therefore, our forms are only available from Team Law directly.  The following steps are the steps we would follow to perfect our Title to land:

  1. File it in the Clerk and Recorder’s office with the land records of the county.
  2. Make public notice that you accepted the assignment of the patent in the legal notices in a local newspaper.
  3. Post the Land Patent Sandwich on the County’s public notice bulletin board (usually found at either the County (district) Courthouse or at the Sheriff’s office).  Post Office bulletin boards may also provide sufficient notice.

Understanding how the sandwich works:  On the bottom of the sandwich, you have the highest authority of land title—the certified copy of your Land Patent (the Title itself).  Its own words prove the land belongs (fee simple) to the party named on the patent and to their heirs and assigns forever.  Respectively, if you have land patent secured rights to the land through the Chain of Title, you are the landowner.  The patent proves your right of assignment or inheritance; so, the next document is your copyrighted Declaration of acceptance of the Land Patent.  Your right to claim the land is your assignment on the land, which assignment is found within your Warranty Deed (where the deed says "grants" and/or "assigns").  Therefore, a certified copy of your Warranty Deed is the third document on the pile.  The top document is your copyrighted Quitclaim Deed, which moves your land out of equity (fairness to the contract where it had likely been held by the Social Security cardholder) and into law (fact in fee simple) now owned by the physical man or woman in question.

Keeping two copies is best, keeping each in separate secure locations.

With a land patent as the operating authority on the land, the Land cannot thereafter lawfully be taken for debt or taxes, except by the willing grant of the Landowner.   This fact does not limit the landowner from the ability to willingly enter contracts that may subsequently mandate the payment of either taxes or debts secured by the property appurtenant to the land.  Such contracts may contain the landowner’s full authority to convey lawful access to the land as well.  Team Law can help its beneficiaries learn how to learn the law that lets them understand and resolve related matters; however, for those that have fallen prey to predatory marketers that have ignorantly imagined that land patents negate their right to contract they will eventually need to learn the truth.  Of course, they will need to become Team Law beneficiaries before we will be able to help them begin to learn how to learn the law if a remedy exists to help them now.  For further information, contact us by logging onto Team Law’s Forum and send a Private Message to Admin requesting assistance.

Again, it is important to realize having a Land Patent does not limit you from willingly going into debt or from forming contracts.  The fact is, property taxes are the result of a private contract between you and the state of ‘X’.  Nothing impedes your right to enter, or be bound by, such contracts.  Respectively, if you desire to so contract the property appurtenant to your Land, you obligate yourself to follow the terms and conditions of your contract in spite of any respective land patent.

Other than the open access to Team Law’s Success Network and our private copyrighted internet websites (a page of which this instant page is), the Land Patent Sandwich service is the only service Team Law provides that people can acquire access to without becoming a Team Law Beneficiary.  Again, the sole reason we provide this service both to Team Law beneficiaries (at no cost) and to others (processing fee $200.00) is because we are supporting the people as they work to reseat the original jurisdiction Constitutional Republic government (see: Governor's Corner).  To accomplish that task the people need to reseat the Electoral College with Electors; and, because landownership rights qualify people as “Electors”, we need to know who the Electors are; so, we provide the Land Patent Sandwich service to discover Electors and to, respectively, help them save the nation.

Well, that’s about it for now. Please watch for our forthcoming book on Land Patents and taking back America.  A more in-depth review of the Land Patent process is available in our Do it Yourself Land Patents album which you can get from our Order Form.  There are also good articles on Land Patents in our WARN newsletter on page 13 and in our Land 101 mini course presented on our Open Forum.

Sincerely, let’s get together and take our nation back.

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