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Initially, our main menu linked directly to RMHelpingHearts; however, several people called to ask us why we posted this link; we inserted this page to answer that question.  Of course, you can skip this story at any time and go directly to RMHelpingHearts via this link or by clicking the picture at the left.  The links will take you directly to the Synergy Store.

Our Trustee’s Story

Years ago (about 2006) I fought a deadly battle with a melanoma (skin cancer) using a juicing program, the diet provided in Genesis 1 & 3, exercise and mild sun exposure (to convert cholesterol into vitamin D3).  My family arduously supported my fight against cancer with a daily juicing regimen; that went on for over two years before I recovered.  Though I am thankful for their love and service, they also suffered from worry, etc.; which was hard to watch.

For the next few years I experienced greater health than I had for years.  However, even though Iím an avid skier and both eat properly (mostly organic fruits and vegetables) and get my share of exercise, I started to have periodic heart pain (angina).  All of my life, whenever I was filling out health charts for MDs, etc. I was taught to check off all of the boxes that indicated we had no heart problems in our family.  Yet, when I started to have the angina, I looked more carefully at my family history and found that my mother’s father died from cardiovascular disease when my mother was 9 years old .  Her brother died from a heart attack when he was 19 years old; and, on my father’s side of the family virtually all of the men (for several generations) died from cardiovascular disease at around 55 years old—and, I was 57.

I was already eating and exercising like medical doctor’s recommend for maintaining a healthy heart and I was not willing to check into the hospital to sign on for the allopathic medical world’s treatment ; I knew that there was nothing I could do about the angina but deal with it.  So, as the pain became more frequent and more severe, I learned how to do deep breathing with relaxation exercises and external heart massage to control and alleviate the symptoms.

Over time, the angina attacks got up to five to six major (very painful) attacks every day; nitro tablets and/or paste could help (but, I quickly learned they give me a terrible headache; so, I wouldn’t use them).  As the angina (heart pain) became more regular and intense, my blood pressure continued to rise (160/110+).
Cardiac care professionals were telling me: “If you don’t check into the hospital for treatment soon you’ll be dead.”
I responded: ďAll they’d do is give me rat poison (warfarin, coumadin, etc.), stents and/or bypass surgery—none of which I am willing to do.Ē

Again, because I didn’t want Roxanna (my wife) to worry, I didn’t tell her about my heart condition.
My logic: I already had Nitroglycerin tablets (to treat the pain if it got too bad to handle) but, the doctors couldn’t really do anything else for me (that I was willing to do); so, I’d either live or die; but, telling my wife would only give her cause to worry; and, that would just make matters worse for her and our whole family.

One day some close friends invited Roxanna and me to come over to their house to learn about this new nutritional product.  Though they are dear friends, I didn’t want to go hear about some new direct marketed health care product.  Whenever, I need anything nutrition wise, I find the foods I need to provide it and I already eat only organic foods and get my exercise; so, if that doesn’t do it, I figured I don’t need it.  Nonetheless, Roxanna wanted to honor our friends; so, she went.

When she came home, she excitedly told me about all of these people that were at that meeting sharing testimonials about getting relief from: cardiovascular & kidney diseases, diabetes, arthritis, obesity and more. Roxanna was so excited about what she heard at the meeting it sparked my interest.  A couple of weeks later, our friends’ mother was having another such meeting at her house; so, when my wife asked me to come, I said, “OK.”

Again, several people were there telling amazing stories of their recovery experiences.  Our friends’ mother even showed me her hands that I knew were crippled up with arthritis; and, she now moved them freely with no pain.  Though I had no idea what caused her hands to recover so well, she was certain, it was the product she was using; and, when my wife asked me if I would be willing to try it, I said, “Yes.”  So, after the presentation she bought the product.  As she did, she asked me if she should spend the extra $25.00 to sign on as a ‘Distributor’; and, having heard the presentation about the compensation plan, it seemed like a no-brainer; because, if she did, our usage alone would get that cost rebated in very little time.  So, that’s what she did.  That was on a Thursday night.

On the following Saturday, I asked Roxanna, “When is that stuff you ordered supposed to come?”
She said, “What stuff?”
I said, “That stuff you bought at that meeting the other night.” 
Roxanna stopped what she was doing, looked at me suspiciously and said, “So, what do you care. You never use supplements and you always pooh-pooh direct marketed offers anytime anybody comes up with them; so, why do you care?  Something’s going on!  What is it?”

Once she asked me those questions, I had to tell her about the angina and the hypertension.  To my surprise, she hardly responded; she just turned around and went on about her business of the day.  However, when the product came in Monday’s mail, Roxanna started me right off on the therapeutic dose of four scoops a day (two in the morning and two at night).  By Wednesday morning, the angina was completely gone!  I still had tightness in my chest a few times a day for a day or so; but, no pain at all.  By the weekend even the tightness in my chest was gone!  Within one month my blood pressure was back at 120/80; where it has consistently stayed ever since.  The hypertension was gone!

It didn’t take me long to realize my sweetheart had saved my life by getting me to go to that meeting.  I shared my experience with some friends that were in even worse shape than I was (they had diabetes as well); and, they too claim the product saved their lives.

A short time after we made that first order, my wife received a check for more than that original registration fee and shortly after that her new relationship was already paying for the product I was using.  As a result, though neither my wife nor I had any intention of being anything but customers, we could not help our necessity to share our experiences with others in need.  That automatic sharing process became

Respectively, that’is why we put the link on Team Law’ website; because, if it had not been for Roxanna going to that meeting and starting that business, I would be dead; and, Team Law would no longer exist!

Though Team Law is not affiliated with, our Trustee is alive today because of the products they provide; and, we at Team Law are simply thankful for the life saving experience; and, thus, we express that thanks with the link to.  Beyond that, there is nothing like having a friend call you up and tell you their story of how following this link saved their life; that alone makes the link worth it.  Respectively, you should contact them to learn more.

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