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Hopefully, this visitor’s page will help you learn more about Team Law while you visit our site.  You will learn that Team Law is a Foundational Trust.  That has had one Trustee lending it consciousness and physical capacity since its beginning.  Initially, over 70 people were invited to participate in the team as beneficiaries.  When those original beneficiaries took advantage of Team Law’s services they found the value of those services were incredible.  Team Law helped them educate themselves; and they were able to prevail in court cases and other legal matters where they were at a total loss before they found Team Law.  If the same thing could have been accomplished by hiring an attorney, it would have cost thousands of dollars and attorneys neither share their knowledge nor help educate their clients.  Accordingly, our beneficiaries offered donations out of respect for what Team Law had already done for them.  Team Law respectively granted those donors the privilege of nominating additional beneficiaries; which pattern has continued until this day causing Team Law to grow.  Our hope is that Team Law will continue to grow and become the primary source for self-education in matters of Law, its history and the language necessary to understand it all.  We welcome your support and participation with us.  Tell everyone about Team Law!

What is Team Law? Team Law is a foundational Trust.  The trust was created in March of 1994, when a set of legal research books and tapes were placed in trust with Team Law’s first Trustee, Eric William Madsen, Steward to the Kingdom of Israel.  From that time through the present, Team Law has only had one Trustee lending it consciousness and physical capacity.   To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

Team Law Benefits In reality, the problems we have in the United States of America are caused by popular ignorance.  Virtually all of the people know it is right and proper to obey, honor, sustain and comply the law.  However, that is impossible to do if you do not know what the law is.  Therefore, the benefits of Team Law are centered on helping people educate themselves in law, its history and its language.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

Becoming a Beneficiary The lead paragraph (above) tells how Team Law’s beneficiaries were originally nominated; that same pattern continues to be available to everyone (not just Team Law beneficiaries.  Anyone can contribute supportive donations to Team Law.  All donations are accepted, regardless of the source; however, donors can never nominate themselves for a Team Law Beneficiary Endowment.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

Online Audio Team Law has generated many training materials; most of which are, recordings of live training.  Some of those training materials are available through our Online Store as audio tapes, CDs, VHS video recordings or as DVDs; however, others are available only on this website through direct links.  We provided those here as an introduction to Team Law and as evidence of what we must do to save our country.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

About E-mail When Team Law began, the internet was almost unknown; but its incredible ability to enhance life with nearly instant communication made it popular until spam and e-mail abuses made it nearly impossible for us to use e-mail to communicate.  Accordingly, we set up our Open Forum to eliminate e-mail.  Today, that forum has become an invaluable source of information.  To learn more, click on the title to this story or on this link: (learn more)

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