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Because Team Law is a self-education only service provider, we do not offer asset protection systems; instead, we provide training videos and albums like: Introduction to Wealth, Mastering Wealth Building Strategies, Do it Yourself Trusts and Do it Yourself Trust Manager.  Nonetheless, for years people have asked our Trustee, “How can we protect our assets like you do?”  Respectively, since The Way of Kings™ became available, we have referred people to The Way of Kings™ as our choice source for custom designed asset protection systems.

The Way of Kings™ only designs, generates and delivers custom designed asset protection systems based upon the foundational laws and covenants that God offered man from the first instance of mankind’s creation.  Respectively, when The Way of Kings™ privately contracts with a patron to create an asset protection system, they first hold an interview to discover what it is that the patron desires; then, having discovered the patron’s desired outcome, The Way of Kings™ can custom design the system patterned after the ancient way of kings that will provide the patron with their desire.

In the United States people quite often talk about their “Sovereignty”; however, most people seem to have no actual idea what sovereignty is.  The word “Sovereign”, means: “King” and/or “Queen”; and, a king/queen is a person that has three things: (1) the possession of (2) an exclusive dominion of his/her own over which he/she has (3) the agency to exercise his will; even over any other person to which he/she may allow entrance into said dominion.  Respectively, people also seem to have no idea what their inherent sovereign rights do for them; and, they certainly have no idea how to apply the same to secure their rights (even though those rights are constitutionally secured).  Of course, that is largely due to their codependent belief in the prevailing mythology surrounding the Social Security Cardholder (and its effect).

The Way of Kings™ asset protection services can easily change all of that for people that desire to discover how they can maximize the effect of their inherent sovereignty and actually start to live like the kings and queens that they actually are—in fact, that is exactly why the founders named the organization: “The Way of Kings™”; for through the use of properly designed and formed asset protections systems people can truly begin to live like kings.

Of course, it will not happen over night; and, it will not happen by merely trading your time for currency.  But, it can happen when people are ready to start learning how to live like kings.  To do that you must start at the beginning. You cannot follow the ways of the conventional Asset Protection Industry (hereinafter “API”) that promotes trading time for currency, living frugally (so you can save that currency) and protecting that currency—as if any savings program will make it grow (since 1971, it has been virtually impossible to save United States’ federal reserve notes at a rate that can keep up with the combined effects of recession and inflation.  That means the only reasonable way to store accumulating assets is investing in business systems that increase in value faster than the combined effects of inflation and recession).  A simple review of how kings live proves they manage assets and resources through business systems.  Kings recognize that: assets and liabilities are both properly managed through appropriately designed business systems and not through personal ownership—in essence, kings own nothing personally (it all belongs to the kingdom).

A review of the conventional multi-trillion dollar a year API will also show that is neither how they value assets and liabilities nor how they manage the same.  Though they too use business systems, they do not build their industry on the ancient principles followed by the successful ancient Kings (like Abraham).  Though trusts are their flagship entity, The Way of Kings™ would never use a trust except to: (1) control governments, (2) control corporations or (3) control asset flow.  The API sells people on the idea that Trusts are the way to asset protection; the problem with that is they also sell them on false ideas like:

  • You have to give up both ownership and control of your assets to protect them; and,
  • You should operate your business as either a Trust or you should incorporate.

Though such API marketers may sound like they know what they are talking about, following those ideas could easily prove disastrous!  That is why we generated the Do it Yourself Trust Manager training album, to dispel such rumors; better still, go to The Way of Kings™ and secure your own custom designed asset protection system.

To this day, we continue to see people being romanced by the API into spending thousands of dollars to go offshore to learn about asset protection systems, when there is no reason to take the offshore risk.  The ruse API marketers use works like this: they teach people something about what is happening in our country today using scare tactics alleging there is little or nothing you can do to protect your assets in the USA.  They say they cannot teach the truth about asset protection in the United States without SEC or IRS coming after them (alleging government doesn't like competition).  Then when they get you offshore they sell the idea of spending tens of thousands of dollars to protect your assets by moving them into trusts.  In most cases the people walk away with nothing, having spent over ten thousand dollars just to hear the spiel.  It’s unconscionable!  Nonetheless, those that didn’t fall prey to the marketers and buy such systems are the lucky ones; because, they come away still having the perception of personal control of their perceived assets.

Of course, that perception is also false because they forgot about the effect of living codependent within the control of the prevailing cardholder mythology!

The saddest part about the API is that after searching for many years for any company that would provide a competent asset protection system based upon sound wealth building principles we found none; that is until, The Way of Kings™ began serving the people.

To better understand asset protection systems (or any contract for that matter) we follow what we call the “Standard for Review”, which teaches, one must first understand the elements of the system (or contract).  In Team Law, if we don’t understand it, we don’t do it, we seek knowledge first, then take action only when we know how to do it right (see: advice).

The principle elements of a contract are time, the parties, the property and the terms of the agreement.  The only one of those unique enough to generally address here is our own personal nature, which is simply defined in foundational Law (Torah, or the Bible, Public Law 97-280):

In the beginning God created the heavens, the Earth, man and everything that is on the earth.  He gave man dominion (land) agency and possession (Stewardship), with the command to multiply, replenish and subdue the earth.  Man came into this world naked and without possessions; though man was given dominion over this earth at the end of every man’s life, by death, he leaves this world in the same manner (naked and without possessions); when a man arrives he is granted dominion, agency, possession (sovereignty) and the command to multiply, replenish and subdue the earth (Genesis 1: 28); through which stewardship he may obtain control over worldly possessions.  This Kingdom of God was organized by God for man: as a place where man can (if he chooses), by his own experience, learn about God’s creation, learn the Law and consecrate himself to the cause of building up the Kingdom of God upon this earth.  It was also given to man that though he was created in this world he is not of this world and he is to keep himself separate from it.  God gave man Law so that man would know the difference between good and evil and so that there would be justice and equity between men.  God’s Law was founded prior to any relations of justice that exist in nature and is antecedent and foundational to all other: laws, statutes, rule making, regulations and policies (hereinafter “laws”).  By revelation from God, man was ordered to have one manner of law (Leviticus 24: 22).  ‘Multiply, replenish and subdue the earth.’  Be in the world and not of it (1 John 2:15-17; John 15:19; John 17:16,18).  Build up the Kingdom of Heaven on this Earth (Isaiah 9:6-7).  These three requirements stand together as one requirement of a covenant man.  God created man and this Earth, wherefore He owns both.  He gave mankind general dominion over all the earth; but, He did not give man ownership of it.  In the end, man goes naked from this world and (by the grace of God) is saved from death, to stand at final judgment according to his works (Revelation 20:13).

So, how does a man properly operate his stewardship to “multiply, replenish and subdue the earth” without taking ownership of the things of this world?
Answer: Through competent self-controlled asset protection systems; preferably patterned after those ancient commands, honoring the covenants thereto based and following the examples provided by kings like Adam, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  However, until The Way of Kings™ showed up, there was no asset protection system provider in the API that provided competent self-controlled asset protection systems and there was nowhere one could go to learn how to do it themselves, except by trial and error.

Now, The Way of Kings™ provides such systems; and, that’s all they do.  That is to say: “They only design, create and deliver their custom designed asset protection systems; and, they do not do any management, training or support for any asset protection systems.”  All of The Way of Kings™ patrons are or become Team Law beneficiaries; and, thus, have access to Team Law’s educational support; even for The Way of Kings™ asset protection systems.

Because (since 1971), the old ways of surviving financially and or developing wealth no longer work; more and more, asset protection is becoming a concern of people all over the world.  The scriptures warn us: in these times people will set their possessions down or bury them for security and when they turn to retrieve them they cannot be found.  They also warn of wars, rumors of war and calamities of every kind that should warn the people to prepare.  We certainly are finding that to be true today.  In the last decade, to secure privacy while developing assets, people looked offshore.  In these times, offshore investments and API marketed asset protection systems are becoming far more unreliable; even dangerous.  In these times, the age old adage, “If you want it done right you have to do it yourself”, is only true if you first make sure you first know the law and understand the system with which you are working—then you have to leverage what you do to maximize the effect of your effort.  Scriptures also remind us that we must repent of our old ways.  To maintain our stewardship in keeping with the way of the King of Kings we must once again start acting like the sovereigns we are, with the dominion we have, and continue to multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it.  Today, that is a lot more easily done through The Way of Kings™ asset protection systems.  They go a lot further than trusts and no one has been able to demonstrate any way to either breach or compete with them.

For more information you can review The Way of Kings™ website and/or you can contact their Open Forum’s Admin via a Private Message.

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