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What is Team Law?

Team Law is a self-help educational organization founded to help people:

Regardless of who you are, you are required to know the law for two reasons:

  1. Because all authority in law and government comes from the people, even after we grant authority, to the government (through the Constitution), we remain responsible to for that which we so granted (Yick Wo Vs Hopkins, 118 US 356, 370 (1886)); thus, the only way for the people to be able to make sure that the government uses that authority within the bounds allowed is to know the law; and,
  2. Because if a law applies to you, it is impossible to know that you are complying with that law unless you know, firsthand, what the law is.

Yet, in today’s society, most people know very little about the law and or about our actual history; instead, they simply rely on others to tell them what to do.  Thus, regardless of their actual rights, responsibilities and or nature they remain subjects to those that they rely upon for that guidance.  Thus, because the people are generally ignorant of the law, and the nature of their relationships, they are easily controlled and manipulated by others.  If the people were to learn the law and its history they could:

  • Recognize mankind’s sovereign nature;
  • Secure our original Constitutional Republic form of government;
  • Preserve our Constitution and Laws;
  • Assure that our children learn and know the Law;
  • Preserve our actual history;
  • Inspire industry; and, develop wealth that continues to grow and be controlled by the people in their own hands.

In all, Team Law was created to help awaken people to the necessity of learning the law and to provide them with the opportunity to learn firsthand how as a people we can peacefully and lawfully win our nation back; to insure Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness; as was the intention of our nation’s founding fathers.

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What are the benefits to a Team Law Beneficiary?

Paralegal training:

Team Law can provide self-help educational services to any of its beneficiaries*; which services the beneficiary can then use to learn how to learn the Law.  That means: as a Team Law beneficiary desires to learn the law, Team Law can help them learn how to study and learn the law, its history and its language firsthand from the source.  Accordingly, the beneficiary can then apply that firsthand experience to learn to apply the law correctly.  We never do your work for you or tell you what to do; yet, we can help you learn how to learn the law from its available sources.  Thus, when a Team Law Beneficiary needs help, they can call us for personal help reviewing virtually any legal matter and Team Law can help them learn how to: understand the matter, find applicable solutions from source law and properly apply them accordingly.  The beneficiary simply calls Team Law and asks for the service; then we do our best to serve them with our educational support.  Remember, Team Law does not do your work for you.  Therefore, rather than educating you, we merely help you learn how to learn how to educate yourself through your own firsthand study of the law and its history.  To our knowledge, since Team Law began in 1993, we’ve been able to help each of our beneficiaries, in every situation presented, to the satisfaction of each respective beneficiary.  Team Law never charges its beneficiaries for any service Team Law provides.

If and when a beneficiary makes a request for educational assistance, we share how we would go about researching and preparing the case then assist the beneficiary in any way we can to help the beneficiary learn how to prepare their case.  We may have dealt with the same or similar matters in the past and the materials we have available from those experiences can be made available to any beneficiary based upon the effort the Beneficiary puts into the work.

To take advantage of the educational assistance service, the Beneficiary must be a participant in the Success Network.  That basically means the Beneficiary will have registered a username on our Open Forum, read the book: “The Slight Edge”, and requested access to our Success Network.  Thus, participation is easy and the effect of being part of that network is incredible!

We won’t do your work for you, however we will provide all of the educational assistance we can to help you learn how to learn the law and apply it.  If we were to do the work for you our purpose in helping you become self-reliant in learning the law would be negated.

We believe in obeying the law and holding those who don’t, and those that violate others rights, accountable for their actions.  When we fight in court we don’t let up until we win.

Land Patents

In the United States of America, landownership is secured by a properly granted and accepted Land Patent; which patent is the Title to the Land.  If you think you own your land but you haven’t verified (and secured) the complete chain of Title that secures your interest in the land you cannot possibly know that you are secure in your landownership.  Thus, according to law, if you do not have a properly secured Title to the Land you may not own the land at all; and, without so securing land patent secured ownership rights, you may not be able to prove Title to your land. Wilcox v. Jackson 13 Pet.(U.S.) 498, 10 L.ed. 681.

At your request, Team Law can guide you through the Land Patent based Title securing process and help you prepare a Land Patent Sandwich.  We charge non-beneficiaries $200.00 for this service; however, there is no charge to Team Law beneficiaries for helping them with their documents.  Personally, we think it’s one of the single most important things you can do — secure your land.

The bottom line: so securing your land is the same as securing your Domain — and, whereas, “Domain” is an elemental component of “sovereignty”, if you have not so secured your landownership, your sovereign nature and authority is limited to the confines of your body and you stand on the land either as a mere contracting tenant or by trespass.

The remedy, Start Now!!!


All Team Law beneficiaries automatically receive a subscription to the WARN newsletter.  Currently, only Volume 1 Issue 1 of the newsletter is available—all other issues are out of print.  Due to dramatic changes in publication industry hardware and software each reprint of any edition required reediting the issue.  Thus, we have determined to make the publication an internet only newsletter.  Currently the website for the newsletter is being created and all past issues are being edited for the new format.  Thus, until the site is prepared and the issues are so edited, the only advantage of being a WARN newsletter subscriber is the discount subscribers get from our store.  Please be aware, subscriptions and other purchases cannot be attributed as part of a donation to Team Law.

Learning materials

Team Law beneficiaries can buy at cost (for their own use) their own copy of anything Team Law produces.
Example: Team Law CD’s are regularly priced at $19.95 each and are available to beneficiaries at the cost of $3.00 ea.  Beneficiaries can buy only one copy at cost prices, after that they can buy as many copies as they would like at wholesale prices (about ½ off retail).

Local meetings

Any Team Law Beneficiary can start a Team Law local group and have weekly meetings.  A Team Law local group follows a specific format for their meetings and they study tried and true Team Law methods.  Local groups get started and run for a period then when all of the local beneficiaries feel like they are “Up to speed” they often stop meeting unless they have some special case their group needs to handle.  This is a very good way of taking care of rapid on-point education.  We have a full time office in Colorado for additional support.  To organize a local meeting group, please contact our main office using the information found on our Contacting Team Law page.  At the present time, due to the on-line support services available today, we are not aware of any local groups actively holding meetings.

Editorial reviews

Team Law can do a live review of any documents you may have a desire to have reviewed.  Such documents, whether generated by our Beneficiary or by some other source, can be electronically delivered to Team Law through our Open Forum’s private message service.  The Beneficiary simply attaches the document to a private message, which is then sent to our Open Forum’s Admin; from there it is delivered to our Trustee who can then directly review the document (live, over a phone call with with our beneficiary), provide an editorial review and return the reviewed document by the same means to our Beneficiary.

Most beneficiaries find our live editorial reviews of their work to be exquisitely helpful.  After going through such reviews a few times most people develop the ability to generate their own legal forms that have the potential for accomplishing their purposes even in the courts.  After reviewing such documents, professional Bar attorneys have commented: “That’s the best paperwork we have ever seen, we want to hire the attorney that wrote it.” The fact remains, no attorney was involved; the documents were written by the Team Law beneficiary.  To take advantage of the editorial review service, the Beneficiary must be a participant in the Success Network.  Again, that basically means the Beneficiary will register a username on our Open Forum, read the book: “The Slight Edge”, and request access to our Success Network.  Thus, participation is easy; and, the effect of being part of that network is incredible!

The entire process is very quick.  This service is a live hands-on self-help educational service and as such not to be construed as a professional service.  All of our services are provided for educational purposes only.  Again, we do not do your work for you; however, Team Law beneficiaries that have participated in this process claim that they quickly learn how to generate legal documents the right way.  Our legal document review is provided to Team Law Beneficiaries for the sole purpose of helping them learn how to better review and generate such documents on their own; without further educational assistance.  We never give or receive advice because we believe that process to be immoral (see: Advice).

Trial preparations

One of the advantages of having a local group is Trial preparation via Mock-trial.  It is a lot easier to handle court presentations when you have practiced them in front of an accomplished critical review board (mock trial review).  Where there is no local group, a mock trial can be had over the phone.  We also have quite a bit of trial preparation training materials (see our Order Form).

Emergency paralegal assistance

If you are ever falsely: seized, arrested, or imprisoned, Team Law may be able to help you get your lawsuit filed.  For further information contact Team Law directly.  Again, we cannot do your work for you; but, we may be able to help those that you rely on locally to help you work through the process if they are also Team Law beneficiaries; or we may be able to find another Team Law Beneficiary in the area that can help you generate the paperwork you may need.

Other benefits

There are many other benefits and benefits are always subject to hang; however, it’s always a good idea to remember we are a team; and, therefore we are only as good as our parts.  That means, as a Team Law beneficiary you should take it upon yourself to do your part; which is: wake up and use the Standard for Review to discover who and where you are, learn first hand from your own study of the law (with its language and history) from the source, apply your learning and do all you can to awaken your family, friends, associates and neighbors; the Success Network can be a big help with this—because, all you need to do is point them to it and help inspire them to read The Slight Edge.

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How do I become a Team Law Beneficiary?

People often ask us, “How do I join Team Law?”  To that we respond, “Please understand Team Law has no membership; therefore it is impossible to “join” Team Law.”  However, to become a Team Law Beneficiary, you must be nominated for a Team Law Beneficiary Endowment by someone to whom Team Law has granted the nomination privilege (like: The Way of Kings™); and, when so nominated, you must respectively accept the Team Law Beneficiary Agreement to become a Team Law Beneficiary.

Accordingly, when people recognize what Team Law has already done through is educational services in helping people learn how to secure their: Land, Liberty, Property, and our original jurisdiction government, etc., they find Team Law worthy of their support and make donations to support Team Law.  When those donations are $695.00 or more, Team Law grants the donor the privilege of nominating the next Team Law Beneficiary [a living man, woman or child other than the donor (or a general partner with the donor; accordingly, because spouses are so often considered as general partners, a spouse cannot nominate their spouse)].

Team Law then grants a lifetime Beneficiary Endowment to the respective nominee.  Most Team Law donors donate $695.00 or more.  When a donation is $945.00 or more, Team Law grants the donor the privilege of nominating a family for a Team Law Beneficiary Family Endowment.  Family Endowments cover a husband and/or a wife and their under eighteen year old children.

The donations Team Law receives are neither related to nor used for Team Law’s support of Team Law beneficiaries. Donations are used to help compensate Team Law for its past expenses.

    • Team Law donors cannot nominate themselves!
    • Team Law is a private organization; not a non-profit organization.
    • Accordingly, donations made to Team Law are not tax deductible.

Our intent is to provide a resource where people can learn how to learn the law; that is to educate themselves through their own firsthand study of the law itself (from its source), its language and history; so, the people can learn how to do things like: lawfully restore our original jurisdiction government and secure that they never fall back into the ignorance and apathy that allowed our nation to come into the jeopardy it is in today; where our Constitution is hanging by a thread.

All Team Law services are provided by voluntary support from Team Law’s staff of volunteers.  If that were not so, Team Law Beneficiary support would cost significantly more than what comes in from donations.  The very nature of such donations mandates that all donors admit they made their donation for said purposes and not for securing anything from Team Law.

Our Order Form has places on it both for donations and for respectively proposed donor nominations; however, because donations are made only to support Team Law for what we have already done [never to get products or services], a separate order form should be used for any product or service orders.

    The three main purposes of Team Law are:
    1. To help people learn how to learn the law firsthand from the source; that is to help create a self-education environment; such that, we and our children’s children will understand Law, its history and language; which understanding helps people control government and manage politics as well as, or better, than the nation’s founding fathers did;
    2. To accordingly use the self-education process (and Team Law’s continuing support) to help the people learn how to discover and follow the existing laws; so that they can, legally and lawfully re-seat the nation’s original jurisdiction government seats (both State and Federal); and,
    3. To help eliminate the high cost of studying law by using Team Law’s Beneficiary services to enhance the self-education learning process and benefit from other’s experiences.

The one thing the founding fathers missed in setting up our government was they didn’t provide a way to insure their children’s children’s children would understand what the founding fathers already knew.  Perhaps they could see no way to do it without force and they did not want to force education.  With Team Law we have a way and we will continue to expand upon it by design.  That design is intended to be perpetual.

We hope this information is helpful to you.  If you are pleased with what you’ve seen so far and want to make a donation click support.   

Let’s win our nation back, Team Law.

P.S.  For more information login to Team Law’s Forum and send a Private Message to Admin requesting assistance.

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